New Zealand's incredible Waitomo caves

Inside Waitomo Caves

Inside Waitomo Caves

Under the green hills of WaitomoNZ) lies a labyrinth of caves, chasms and underground rivers that can be explored on foot or by boat. They originated from the pressure that subterranean currents exerted on the soft limestone for thousands of years and as a result impressive stalactites and stalagmites were created.

If you like adventure, we recommend that you live the experience of sailing along the waitomo caves or you can go through them from the inside descending into the darkness by rappelling or zip-lining. Whichever option you choose, they are sure to seem like a wonder of nature.

The name of the area comes from the Maori words "wai" (water) and "tomo" (hole). The cave contains three different levels linked by the Tomo, a 16-meter vertical axis of limestone. The second level is usually closed when there is an overcrowding of visitors due to the accumulation of carbon monoxide, which is very toxic.
The last level, called "The Cathedral", is a closed area 18 meters high with great acoustics in which boat rides are made on the underground river.

The Waitomo Caves are well known because they nest inside the arachnocampa luminosa or Glow worm, a species of mosquito unique in NZ that glows in the dark to attract prey. Thousands of these little creatures radiate their brilliant light giving this cave a dreamlike atmosphere.

Waitomo It is a small town that has some shops and many accommodations. This area is easily accessible by road from Auckland (3 hours), Rotorua (2 hours) or Hamilton (1 hour).

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