The longest beaches in Europe

Longest covers in the world and Europe

If you are a beach lover, it is not necessary that you have to cross "the puddle" to be able to enjoy the best beaches in the world, since in Europe we have beautiful beaches that are also very long.

If in addition to the beaches you like to see that they have no end, then you will not be able to miss the longest beaches in Europe because maybe when you know what they are and where they are ... you'll start preparing a trip to these places.

Between two countries: France and Portugal

There are two countries that compete for the honor of having the longest beach in Europe: France and Portugal. We will not enter into polemics and we will limit ourselves to presenting the two candidates, both huge and highly recommended beaches: Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon would be the first and the second would be Las Landes, in French Aquitaine.

Costa Caparica

Costa Caparica Beach

Costa da Caparica is an extensive and beautiful sandy area of more than 230 kilometers in length south of the mouth of the Tagus River (or Tejo as the Portuguese call it). It is a popular place where locals flock in summer to sunbathe and where it is customary to hold a famous music festival. Yes, many people go to this beach but thanks to its size it is impossible to see it even half full.

At the southern end of Costa da Caparica is the place of Lagoa de Albufeira, a natural sanctuary in the shape of a lagoon where many plant and animal species live. It is incredibly beautiful! In addition to enjoying spectacular beaches, you can also contemplate nature in all its splendor. Without a doubt, it is an idyllic place to spend a great vacation, and we also have it very close to Spain! It is not necessary to take airplanes and fly hours and hours ... Portugal is our closest neighboring country and this is a perfect excuse to visit it.

The Landes

Landes Beach

We take a geographical leap and we go to the Atlantic coast of France that goes from the Spanish border to the north and extends for 100 kilometers. It is the sandy coast of the Landes and is made up of a series of contiguous beaches interrupted by small fishing villages and rocky areas. Here lies the difference and the controversy with Costa da Caparica, which is a continuous beach and not a set of linked beaches.

This coastline called Côte d'Argent (Silver Coast) It is ideal for those looking for a relaxing place without crowds or wanting to enjoy nature, but also for lovers of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. An area (or beaches) that you will not be able to finish or go completely.

The longest beaches in the world

It is possible that after discovering these two wonderful beaches and discovering that they are the longest in Europe, now you want to take one more step and discover which would be the longest beaches in the world. A) Yes, When you meet them, you may prefer to organize another trip to visit them and fall in love with more beaches in addition to the longest in Europe.

Praia do Cassino, Rio Grande in Brazil

Cassino Beach

With nothing less that 254 kilometers long, this beach is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest beach in the world. It extends from the city of Río Grande to that of Chuy on the border with Uruguay. It is an incredible beach that runs through several towns and that is a marvel for tourists who always want to go excited to see the longest beach in the world. And take a dip!

Cox Bazar Beach in Bangladesh

Cox Bazar Beach in Bangladesh

If you plan to go to Bangladesh on vacation you will not be able to miss another beach considered one of the longest in the world with nothing less than 240 kilometers of uninterrupted sand. It is located south of Chittagong and has Buddhist temples along its route.

Ninety Mile in New Zealand

Ninety Mile Beach

If you want to travel to New Zealand you cannot miss a beach that with its name gives you a clue of how long it is. It is called Ninety Miles because this is the length that runs through its beaches, which would be equivalent to nothing less than 140 kilometers of beach, but only 82 kilometers are uninterrupted. It has fine sand and fishing competitions are also held. In addition, and if that were not enough, you can see dolphins, whales and other animals among its beautiful waters.

Fraser Island, Queens, Australia

Fraser Islands Beach

 This is the largest sandy island in the world so it is to be expected that it has long beaches. It measures no less than 1630 km2 and it has beaches of 120 kilometers. It is an island that has grown a lot on a tourist level thanks to its crystal clear water and the gastronomy of the place.

Playa del Novillero, Nayarit, Mexico

Mexico Beach

This beach is very touristy also due to its 82 kilometers of beach. It has shallow warm waters and is known for its beautiful landscapes. This beach is also an ideal place to go sightseeing and enjoy a beautiful beach surrounded by great people.

As you can see, there are many beaches that exist in the world that are really long and that you can visit and enjoy freely whenever you want to take a trip to a heavenly place. It's as easy as looking for the beaches on a map, finding the one you like the most of all and start preparing the perfect trip. You will have to book the flight or the necessary tickets, find a hotel or accommodation nearby so that it is easier to access the beaches and be able to enjoy everything that the chosen area has for you.

Which of all these beaches do you like the most? Do you know any? If you want to add a beach to this list or comment on features that you think are important to consider for future travelers, feel free to do so! Surely with your contributions we will all enrich ourselves and we will be able to know more places with beautiful beaches in the world. Don't wait much longer to organize your vacation!

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