The most beautiful destinations in Asia

I know that Europe ranks first in terms of favorite destinations among travelers. After all our civilizations were born on this continent and all the history that we study in school and the main current news comes from here or from America. But what about Asia? Asia is a really big continent with thousands of years of history, many peoples, a great culture and great civilizations. The problem is that little and nothing is studied, also in universities. Strange, but true.

Perhaps that is why Asia continues to be synonymous with exoticism and awakens the craving for adventure. Here in Asia there is everything from ancient temples and wonderful rivers, to beautiful islands, fascinating sites and many enigmas. If you are thinking of taking a discovery trip to Asia, write these down, the most beautiful destinations in Asia:

. Mongolia: it is undoubtedly one of the most unexplored destinations in the world, an adventure in the center of the continent of 1.5 million km2. Although it is huge, few people live here and 40% of them are concentrated in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. You have deserts, mountain ranges, millions of wild horses and an extreme climate because while in winter it is very cold in summer there are days of 30 ºC.

. Thailand: great tourist destination, no doubt. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and of surprising kindness and cultural richness. The Gulf of Thailand is a great place for swimming and diving and Tai culture is present not only in cities but in every village, in every town.

. Tibet: it is a very high land, almost 5 meters high. Once the monks were its owners but the Chinese Revolution changed the political landscape and since then it is part of the communist country It has magical landscapes and there is Mount Everest, the highest in the world. To enter from China you must ask for a special permit.

. The Maldives Islands: They are a true tropical gem with turquoise waters. The best destination, the most romantic, the most pristine. They say that due to global warming the islands could disappear since they are the lowest state in the world, 1.5 meters above sea level.

. Angkor, Cambodia: This religious stone complex is truly amazing. It was built between 802 and 1120 at the time there were about 1000 temples so it was the largest city in the world with 1 million people living in it. Today what remains are 100 temples and the jungle engulfing the rest.

. The Great Wall of China: it is the symbol of China, the huge and long stone serpent that was the frontier of the empire. It crosses deserts, mountains and plains and is thousands of kilometers long.

. Sri Lanka: the huge tea plantation, the old Ceylan. It has very beautiful tropical forests and beautiful beaches.

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