The most beautiful islands in Greece

Greek Islands

Greece has many islands that we could not see completely, but we know that some are the main ones. Many of them have become really tourist places and important for their great beauty, dream destinations that offer us a great culture and beautiful landscapes. That is why we are going to see which are the most beautiful islands in Greece.

En Greece there are a lot of islands that can be visited, many of which can be reached from Athens. So make a list of the places you should see if you plan to see every corner of Greece. The Mediterranean climate is ideal to enjoy its incredible beaches but there is much more to see.


The island of Santorini is one of the most touristic places in all of Greece. This beautiful island is located near Athens by ferry. The Oia town is one of its central points and a place that is now very touristy, with many accommodations. But it is also the most picturesque place on the island, with its white houses with blue roofs and its views of the sea, especially at sunset time. You have to go down to the Old Port to see the small fishing boats, the atmosphere and the small places to taste the Greek gastronomy. Fira is another of the tourists' favorite places to stay and you can also see other points such as Imerovigli, Pyrgos or Megalochori. As for its beaches, there are some such as Red Beach, which is best known for the color of its sand, or Perissa, a beautiful black sand beach.


Rhodes in Greece

This is another of the main islands of Greece, where the Colossus of Rhodes was located, a large statue that was destroyed in an earthquake hundreds of years ago. Its medieval city is a very beautiful place not to be missed. Within this city there are places like the old Calle de los Caballeros, a beautiful cobbled street where you can see the Palace of the Grand Master or the Hospital de los Caballeros. Other places that can be seen is the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes or the Acropolis.


Mykonos in Greece

La Mykonos island is another of the most sought after, especially since it has become an island where there are many places to party and enjoy. In Mykonos you have to enjoy the old town of Chora, walking through its streets and finding beautiful houses in places like the Kastro neighborhood. The Kato Milli mills are already an institution on the island and from their location we have excellent views. You must also see the old port, an area where you can find restaurants, and Little Venice, its most charming place in front of the sea.


Corfu in Greece

Corfu Town on the island of the same name is a place to stop as it has so much to offer. La Spianada is one of the largest squares in Greece, near which we can see the Palace of San Miguel and San Jorge, where the Museum of Asian Art is. Other places are the Palace of the Princess Sissi, which is the Achilleion Palace in which the Empress Sissi took refuge or the great beaches of Corfu.


Milos in Greece

La volcanic island of Milos is another one that we can visit. It has about seventy beaches with many sandy areas where you can enjoy the good weather, such as Sarakiniko or Paliorema. Kleftiko is another point of interest, rock formations in the middle of the sea with a network of caves. The Milos catacombs in Trypiti are among the oldest discovered, with a small part open to the public. Not to be missed Plaka, the capital of Milos, with its beautiful white houses as well as its Roman amphitheater overlooking the sea.


crete in greece

Crete is another historical place, as well as a very beautiful island. On this island you can learn more about the Minoan civilization, one of the oldest known in Europe. Hence is the famous legend of the minotaur. Today it is possible to visit the Knossos Palace, just a few kilometers from Heraklion. In this capital we find a historical place with beautiful streets, squares and places such as the Koules fortress or the Cathedral of San Minas. Another city not to be missed is Chania, a place of great beauty, followed by the famous Elafonisi beach.


Zakhyntos in Greece

This island that belongs to the Ionian islands in Greece. Dispose of many beaches like Navagio, with incredible cliffs and a ship stranded in the sand. His image is one of the best known on this island, which is a dream place. In Zante there are other natural places not to be missed such as the Blue Caves.

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