The most beautiful Portuguese islands

Without a doubt Portugal It is one of the most popular summer destinations for those who live in the coldest parts of Europe. But beyond its continental beauty and its heavenly coastline, the country has beautiful islands, wonderful each in its own way.

The good thing about these Portuguese islands is that the climate is tropical throughout the year, so you can plan the visit to your liking. Today, then, most beautiful portuguese islands, those that you cannot miss in your summers.

Portuguese islands

Portugal has a handful of islands that are really little paradises where the weather is warm all year round. Today we are going to talk about Sao Miguel Island, Cape Verde, Armona Island, Madeira, Flores, Terceira, Pico, Porto Santo, Da Tavira Island and Faial Island.

La Sao Miguel island It is a great island to explore and admire. It is part of the group of Azores islands and it is the largest of the group. Has many volcanic calderas and precisely because of its origin there are many hot springs. At certain times of the year, in addition, from the coast you can see whales and dolphins and you can even do tours to appreciate these animals more closely. You can get there by plane, there is an airport, and the best time to go is between April and November.

A good island to rest is the famous Cape Verde, although it is in Mozambique. It is a constellation of volcanic islands, ten in total, with all balanced climates. That is, the climate is rather dry, it is not usually neither too hot nor too cold. It is at the same time a cultural destination, due to its African location.

It is a great tourist destination, famous. Its capital city is Praia, which is where hotels, restaurants and others are concentrated. The best time to visit is from November to June.

La Harmony Island It belongs to the Algarve region and is a destination far from the tourist scene. It's close to the coast no cars, few people and you breathe tropical relaxation. The island has a beach on the Atlantic and another on the Formosa River. If there is low tide, they are comfortable and spectacular natural pools. There are dunes dotted with flowers, transparent waters and many bars and restaurants that are located near the jetty where the ferry drops you.

The ferry only takes 20 minutes. Leaves Olhao and the ferry service is continuous, all year round, although more frequently in the summer months, July and August. On both sides of the dock is the Ría de Armona beach, with a Blue Flag. The Atlantic beach is on the other side of the island, a journey of just over a kilometer where you can see the picturesque fishermen's houses. You will also see the island's campsite and the tourism agency where excursions are hired.

To reach the beach you cross a wooden walkway that flies over the yellow dunes, dotted with mauves. There is a bridge to the west that takes you to the part of the island where the tides rise and fall and you see the coming and going of the boats. The final beach is huge and luckily there is a beach bar that rents hammocks, umbrellas and sells food and drinks.

Madeira is one of the most famous islands in Portugal, in the North Atlantic. Millions of tourists visit it every year and it also has a super pleasant climate. Not only has beachesBut green forests that invite exploration and activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, golf, paragliding, fishing ... 

The island is 600 kilometers on the west coast of Morocco and more or less the same distance from the Portuguese coast. Be careful, Madeira is not a single island, but an archipelago with four islands that make up a whole. It is a Portuguese version of Hawaii, with beaches, volcanoes, lagoons, and forests.

La Pico Island is in the Azores and is famous for the volcano of the same name. Its treasure and most popular tourist spot is the Ponta do Pico, the highest mountain in the country. Of course, climbing to the top is what no one misses. But beyond that Pico is a very green island, delicious to explore ... and taste. And is that Pico is a wine producer, did you know? The vineyards are indeed PWorld Heritage Site for the cultural importance for the Portuguese economy.

You get to Pico in six hours by ferry or plane. Going from Lisbon is the best idea but you can also start from Horta. Among the Portuguese islands that we are reviewing we cannot forget Flores, the most photogenic island of all. It is within the Azores platform, within the western group, and the best time to visit it is from mid-April to mid-October. Flores Island has been declared a reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO in 2009.

It is so beautiful that it is difficult to find accommodation in the summer months so do not think about going and let your luck decide. Program! You will love the island: you can walking, discovering its fantastic waterfalls, climbing, swimming, whale watching, kayaking ...

La Ilha da Tavira is on the Atlantic and it's a good day trip. It has a very pleasant climate and on warmer days it is very crowded. It must be said that it has a few hundred meters of coastline. In an island super prepared for tourism so there are restaurants, bars, cafes and tourism companies that organize the day and its activities. It is, as the name implies, in Tavira, and is reached by boat, ferries and water taxis.

Tavira It is only 11 kilometers long but its sandy beaches and their blue waters they will not disappoint you. In addition there are many birds and lagoons and there, beautiful pink flamingos. What a show! Another beautiful island is the Terceira Island, the third largest island in the Azores, although not the most developed. But hey, its beauty lies precisely in this almost virgin state and in the hospitality of its people.

In Terceira there is still the Castle of San Juan Bautista, a fortress that once fought against the Spanish, and also no one can leave here without tasting the green wine, the local specialty. It is better to go from May to October. But if you are looking for beaches then the destination is Porto Santo Island, north of Madeira. Undoubtedly here are some of the best beaches in Portugal, with beautiful white sands and turquoise waters.

But Porto Santo also has history, the Christopher Columbus house, for example, a XNUMXth century church, XNUMXth century buildings… The good thing about Porto Santo is that it can also be visited all year round. Small island, but very beautiful. 100% beaches, diving and snorkeling. We are getting closer to the end of the list: Faial island is the Blue Island, in the center of the Azores with white beaches, the city of Horta and volcano craters.

Exploring the Caldeira do Faial is a must tourist. The same try the local cuisine. When to go? Between May and October.

As you can see, each month of the year there is a Portuguese island to visit, it all depends on what type of landscapes activities you are looking for but obviously, in total the sea, sun and sand are guaranteed.

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