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Given current events, the Government of Spain, specifically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has wanted to make the life of the traveler a little easier by offering a map showing the most dangerous countries for sightseeing day by day.

We are offered a map in which the dangerousness of each of the countries is indicated by colors. We have divided these colors into a total of 4 ranges that we will see in detail below.

Maximum danger range

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Mazar-E-Sharif. September 2008. A crowd of faithful people are praying at the courtyard of the complex of Shrine of Hazrat Ali, in the holy city of Mazar-E-Sharif. Afghan people think that the Imam Ali's body is buried here. Pilgrims come from across the country to pay their respects at the tomb contained inside. Talking about the fact that Afghanistan is coming back to life can be excessive, because half of the country is in ruins; poverty can be seen everywhere and living conditions for the vast majority are very hard. Thousands of widows and orphans survive begging or working as a shoeshine at the shabby streets of the cities. While men queue at the barberÕs to have their beards shaved and go to the cinema, most women still wear burqa because they are afraid of tradition and their situation has hardly improved.


In this range we find 15% of the countries. They are those that are black, purple and red:

  • Black color - level 10 danger Or what is the same, "Travel is discouraged under any circumstances": This is made up of eight countries in total, mainly because they are involved in armed conflicts. They are: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Mali and Yemen. Nepal is also on the list for having a seismic risk (it does not have any terrorist threat). The oceanic Papua New Guinea is listed for its unstable environment.
  • Purple color - dangerous level 9, «Spaniards are recommended to get out of there immediately»: Here we only find Iraq and Libya, not advised to travel except out of extreme necessity and, in turn, with a recommendation to leave it immediately.
  • Red color - dangerous level 8, «travel is discouraged except out of extreme necessity»: We find in this list a total of 19 countries, among which are Haiti, the only American country in this range; states in North Africa (Tunisia and Egypt), and in the center of the continent, such as Nigeria, Niger or Congo, among others. We can also find some Asian countries such as North Korea, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Range of specific areas to avoid



In this range we find 40% of the countries. Some are:

  • Brown color - level 6 of danger, "it is recommended to travel with extreme caution and refrain from doing so in certain areas": Venezuela is today the most dangerous country in Latin America due to its high level of insecurity according to these data. At the same level is Ukraine, whose eastern zone is still in conflict; Turkey, with the Syrian border at war with the Islamic State; and Palestine, with the troubled Gaza Strip. Thailand has been the victim of attacks in tourist places, and Sri Lanka are the only Asian countries within a level again dominated by African countries, ten in total.
  • Orange color - level 5 danger, "travel with the utmost caution and avoiding specific areas": At this level we find everything, and it does not refer to the entire country but to very specific and specific areas of the same. We find Japan on this list for its seismic risk, South Korea for its border with the Pyongyang regime, and Russia for its agitated Caucasus. China and India are also part of this heterogeneous tier. However, most of the 61 countries on this list are due to the criminality that exists in certain areas of them. This occurs with Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru or Colombia. Also some European countries such as Serbia, Albania, Cyprus, Albania and Armenia.

Caution range



With a total of 25% of the countries, in this list we find two colors that are not very different from each other:

  • Amber color - dangerous level 4, «travel with extreme caution»: In these countries there are no areas to avoid as in the previous cases, but it is necessary to walk with constant caution throughout the country. There are 11 countries in total, mainly African, such as Togo or Ghana. There are also Caribbean people, like Trinidad and Tobago, and Asians like Malaysia. They are of medium high caution due to their high crime rate.
  • Yellow color - dangerous level 3, «travel with caution»: In this list we can find a high crime but without being exaggerated. In total there are 37 countries, among which Morocco or Equatorial Guinea stand out. Also Chile or Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay among others.

Unrestricted range



And finally it arrives where we can breathe a sigh of relief since there are no restrictions in principle that prevent traveling through these places with ease (although in my opinion, you never know where the danger will be). In total it is 20% of the countries:

  • Blue color - level 1 of danger, "there are no restrictions of any kind to travel to the following countries": The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and 35 European countries are the group with the lowest risk. Taiwan is the only Asian country in a range without African or Latin American representatives.

Even so, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has remarked in each country information the following: "It is recalled that at this time no region of the world and no country is safe from possible terrorist acts."

We have considered that this information can come in handy if you want to make a trip in the next few days or months, although all precautions are little. If you have any questions about whether the specific country you are traveling to is on any of these lists, be sure to visit this link. Here you will find all the updated information you need.

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  1.   Manual said

    Nepal seismic risk? More than Spain or the US? On what do you base to give that information?

    1.    Carmen Guillen said

      Hello Manuel!

      It is direct and updated information from the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Spain. We have relied on it to offer you this article. Here you can see all the information:

      A greeting!