Find out about the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city by following these steps

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Know the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city It is essential when we are going to travel to it. In all towns there are areas where entry to tourists is not recommended. These are neighborhoods that have high levels of crime where the visitor can be mugged or even worse.

This occurs, above all, in the great capitals of the world and, mainly, in certain continents such as the American continent. But the danger of these places is not exclusive to a specific part of the planet, not even to large cities. Even in smaller towns There are areas where visiting is not recommended, especially at certain times of the night. So that you always travel safely, we are going to explain how to discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city.

Collect general information


Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world

A good example of what we just told you is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Generally, we wouldn't think of a Nordic city as having dangerous neighborhoods. However, the area of Christiania You should visit it with caution.

It is the alternative part of the city and somewhat legal. In fact, we could tell you that it has its own rules. And, since its birth in the early seventies of the last century, it has been one of the main centers of drug trafficking in Denmark. Now things are calmer, but for a while it was advised not to visit. But, after showing you this example, we are going to explain how to discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city.

There are many sources from which you can extract data about the danger of a city. Simple word of mouth is one of them. Can ask friends and acquaintances who have visited it before. Likewise, if you book your trip in a physical agency, those responsible for this usually have a lot of information about it, either from their own experience or from what other travelers tell them. However, Internet It offers you many other possibilities.

Consult Internet channels to discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city


A Tripadvisor certification

As happens with so many other areas, the Internet has been a enormous wealth of information about the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city. For example, you can enter traveler platforms to ask their opinions about a certain place.

Among them, you can use TripAdvisor o Yelp. In both one and the other, users upload points of view about the quality of hotels, restaurants or monuments. But they also give complete information about the risks they have run in a certain city. Furthermore, normally, these types of platforms have open forums where you can ask other travelers for advice.

But also travel blogs like ours they give you a lot of information about the danger of cities. Since we are talking about places that we know, we know well which areas of them are safe and which are not. And our desire is always explain them to you so that you do not take unnecessary risks.

On the other hand, on the Internet you also have specific applications who are dedicated to making dangerous neighborhoods known around the world. For you to review, we are going to present three to you.



Petare, in Caracas, is another of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world

This app goes even one step further. It tells you the danger of certain neighborhoods in a city. But it also explains the type of people who live in them and the environment you are going to find. Additionally, it allows you to enter filters so you can find what interests you most. For example, bar areas or certain monuments.

Divide the neighborhoods of each city by colors. Thus, blue means business area, yellow means hipster space or gray residential area. As if that were not enough, it is a community platform where users include their own opinions. Thanks to that, it is always updated And, furthermore, those comments overflow with good humor, so you will spend some time laughing.

Crime Mapping, the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city distributed by crimes


Firearm crimes are common in the most dangerous neighborhoods of cities

This application is different from the previous one, as it focuses exclusively on the scope of crimes. He developed it Central Square Technologies to help the world's police enforce the law. However, we can all use it. In fact, their motto is "reduce crime through a well-informed citizenry".

In addition, extracts your data from official agencies to provide us with the information. It presents us with a map of each city, but not, as in the previous case, divided into colors, but with the criminal acts that occur in each of the areas. For example, car thefts that occur in a specific area.

In this way, we can discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city so as not to visit them. However, for now It is only available for locations in the United States.

Spot Crime


Italy also has very dangerous neighborhoods like Secondigliano, in Naples

We could tell you what it is the global version of the previous application. Because it offers you crime data from the United States, but also from other countries in the world. However, we have to warn you that, outside of Uncle Sam's land, your data is scarce.

Anyway, it works the same as Crime Mapping. It divides each city into neighborhoods and shows you the number and type of crimes that occur most in each one. So, for example, you will see the area of ​​New York where there are more violent robberies. But it also includes many others such as shootings, murders or vandalism.

Likewise, obtains your data from government agencies and keeps them updated. Even, as a novelty, it sends you custom alerts of interest about the acts committed in the place where you are. Another new element is that you can also send information about crimes that have just been committed. You just have to click «Sublimit a Crime Tip» and upload the data. Immediately, they will be sent to the corresponding authorities. Finally, Spot Crime has a blog from which it provides you with advice that will make it easier for you to travel safer.

In conclusion, although there are very safe cities, They are many the most dangerous neighborhoods in a city. In fact, practically all of them have one. In our blog we focus a lot on this aspect so that you always travel safely. Therefore, we have given you these ideas. Thus, you will be able to consult those risk areas and you will not get unpleasant surprises.

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