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Dusk in africa

You would like to do tourism in africa? Is he continent called as "black continent" and receives around 49 million tourists annually.

If you plan to go to some of the most important cities in Africa And you want to know which are the most visited countries on the continent to be able to plan your trip, don't miss this list of countries because that way you can choose the one you like the most or are interested in to visit. 

Morocco, visit some important cities in Africa

Wall in Morocco in one of the important cities of Africa

Today we will know which are the most visited destinations in Africa. The black continent receives around 49 million tourists annually. The first country in the ranking is Morocco, with an annual reception of 9.290.000 visitors. Morocco is a nation located in the north of the continent, and offers us excellent beach destinations, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. We can also spend a cultural vacation in some of its most important cities in Africa such as Rabat, Casablanca or Marrakech. Adventure trips can also be made through jeep or camel safaris in the desert.

South Africa

Dusk in South Africa

South Africa is the second country in the ranking, which receives around 8.070.000 million tourists annually. It is a nation that sits at the southern tip of Africa, where cultural tourism can be practiced in its main cities (Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town), however most tourists come here for excursions and safaris in the variety of national parks and nature reserves that the country has.


Sea views in Tunisia

Tunisia ranks third, as it receives to 6,90 million tourists a year. The Tunisian Republic sits in the north of the Mediterranean coast of the continent, so it is a perfect destination for water sports, sun and beach tourism. You can also go on safaris through the Sahara Desert.


Algeria landscape

Another country that is in this ranking is Algeria, the largest country in Africa that receives 2 million visits from international tourists every year. The tourism industry in Algeria continues to grow and it has a lot to offer. You can enjoy museums in the capital, you can visit the Roman ruins in the north of the country ... it is a place to visit at least once in your life.


Beach in Mozambique

Mozambique usually gathers about 2 million international tourists. It is a country that is located in the southeast that borders the Indian Ocean, to the east and that separated Madagascar by the Mozambique channel. A visit to Mozambique will leave you impressed thanks to the fact that you will be able to carry out very exciting activities, you will find an incredible gastronomy and a hospitality of its inhabitants difficult to find in other places. What's more you can enjoy incredible white sand beaches... it will seem that you have arrived in paradise.


Wildlife in Zimbabwe to enjoy tourism in Africa

Zimbabwe welcomes 2,24 million visitors per year. This nation is located in southern Africa, and is known for its tours of the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and the Limpopo River.

I have just mentioned the 5 most visited countries in Africa so that you can plan the visit to the one you prefer. But then I'm going to tell you some destinations on this continent that are also very interesting. Write them down!


Dusk in Tanzania

Tanzania is an ideal place if you want to know a heritage rich in architecture and culture. It also has many landscapes, incredible beaches, parks and nature reserves and many ancient and modern sites that you cannot forget to visit. What's more the gastronomy is incredible with exotic seafood that you will love to try.


Giraffe in Kenya

Kenya offers the best of Africa as it has a lot of fauna in its National Parks that are a must for tourists. It also has the beautiful beach of Diani, with spectacular views, virgin beaches, a lot of culture and a gastronomy that you will love to know. It is a magical country full of adventures and that will help you understand that rest and adventure are not incompatible.

Egypt, cradle of tourism in Africa

Egyptian pyramid

Egypt is an incredible place that if you visit it once, you will surely want to return. It is a very famous destination in Africa as this country is full of history and culture, it is full of ancient and impressive historical monuments. If you would like to explore everything that Egypt has for you, then you will not be able to forget to visit the land of egypt paranormal… You will be able to feel exciting things and enjoy an incredible gastronomy.


Gambia Beach

Gambia is the smallest country and one of the most incredible destinations in Africa, it is a country that is also known as “the smiling coast” and is famous for its coastal style of view. The country has cultural characteristics and many attractions such as water sports. This small country is ideal to spend a quiet vacation in Africa, enjoying everything it has for you.


Aerial view of Nigeria

Nigeria may not seem like one of the best destinations to visit in Africa, but this country is also famous for many interesting things, such as entertainment, business opportunities, art or culture. Nigeria is the economic capital of Africa and this country offers cultural festivals and attractions that are not wasted. They have a multi-ethnic mix among their people, something that makes their society much richer.

What do you think of this guide to countries and destinations so that you can go to Africa as a tourist? Undoubtedly, you have a wide range of opportunities to enjoy this great continent. I do not know anyone who has set foot in some tourist destinations of the "black continent" and has regretted. They are countries that, although there may be a bit of a clash between cultures, it is true that it is worth visiting with an open mind and willing to enjoy everything they have to offer.

So now you know, if you are planning a trip to enjoy tourism in Africa, choose the destination country well or choose several of them, look for hotels where you can stay comfortably and do not forget to create an itinerary of visits and activities to be able to take advantage of the time to maximum and that you do not feel lost in an unknown country. After this, you will only have to enjoy it!

Which of the major cities in Africa do you plan to visit? Tell us about your experience.

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  1.   Myriam soto said

    The most visited in Africa is Egypt, and the same visitors always return several times, if they can. I know people who have visited it at least three or four times. There are seven times. In my case nine times

  2.   gustavo jimenez-lopez said

    It would be good for me to go on a tour of exotic Africa and visit a country that arouses great interest in me; it's Somaliland. as a country not recognized by the rest and survives in a haven of peace and prosperity.

  3.   JULY TELLEZ said

    Africa has the poorest countries in the world, (Democratic Republic of the Congo: it is in first place; Burundi, Eritrea, Liberia, Niger, Afghanistan). … My question is: what tourism option is there in these countries and if I wanted to invest in one of them, what would be the recommendations to do it or not, how would I do it taking into account the cultural, racial, religious and public order. Thanks