How the new Ryanair policy affects us

Ryanair has turned its flight policy 180 degrees and comes with new products You should know if you are a regular or assiduous to take their planes. Whether this is the case or not, we recommend that you stay informed because if something good about Ryanair is that it made flights much easier when it came to letting two handbags per person onto their planes… Well not anymore!

Next, we tell you how the new Ryanair policy affects us and what are its main modifications. Take note!

Modifications to your flight policy

To avoid the unwanted (by everyone) delays when boarding, Ryanair has modified one of its strengths. Before, you could get on the plane with two hand luggage. Now you can only do this if you have previously reserved what is known as 'priority boarding', which includes flight fees Plus, Flexi Plus y FamilyPlus. This pass or priority boarding can be purchased up to 30 minutes before departure time of the airplane. Its cost is only 6 euros and can be done comfortably from the mobile application itself of the Ryanair company. If you do not have this 'priority boarding', you can only get on the plane with a hand luggage (the smallest you carry), while the suitcase (obviously larger dimensions) will be lowered, at no extra cost, to the hold of the plane at the gate.

Another of the most notable modifications is that the aircraft company has reduced the weight of the luggage with which we board directly to increase the weight of the suitcases that we check in. If before the weight of the checked bag should not exceed the 15 kg, now it is increased by 20, but at the same time If before it cost 35 euros, now it will only cost 25. A difference of 10 euros and 5 kg that Ryanair expects to be noticed mainly in the queues of people when boarding. These queues significantly delayed the departure of flights and it is the main point that is being tried to modify with all these changes.

Even so, so that there are no doubts and all Ryanair users know these changes first-hand, they have been sent emails from the company itself a few weeks ago. In addition to this, has designed new boarding passes which are intended to clarify and inform the passenger whether to wait in the queue for passengers with boarding priority or in the queue for those traveling without it.

In addition to all this, the aircraft company has also put new signals and gauges at its boarding gates so that your customers comply with the new baggage policy. Ryanair says that all it wants is to improve the comfort of its passengers. You also acknowledge that you will lose 50 million euros per year by reducing the baggage check fees (10 euros less for checked luggage). Of course, the planes, they assure, will leave on time and there will be no delays due to the luggage issue at least.

The best headlines about Ryanair

And speaking of Ryanair, we wanted to collect some of the best headlines that this airline has left us throughout its history. Surely one of you sounds like:

  • "Ryanair must pay 20 million in compensation for canceling flights."
  • "Alert for a fake Ryanair survey that claims to give away airline tickets".
  • "More than 180 passengers on the Ryanair flight to Barcelona have stayed on the ground."
  • "Ryanair or how to promote yourself based on powerful headlines".
  • "The Ryanair pilot who has become an Instagram goddess".
  • "Ryanair: A danger?".
  • "Ryanair and Air Europa join forces to challenge Iberia".
  • "Outrage in Salamanca over Ryanair's interest in starting flights from León".

As we can see, there are many headlines that the aircraft company has earned over the years, and these are not all. Whatever they do, of course, they do not leave anyone indifferent.

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  1.   A reader said

    The only difference with regard to the policy of suitcases or packages, is that now the carry-on suitcase, the 10 kg one, will no longer be allowed in the cabin. This suitcase must be left next to the access stairs to the plane, where an airport operator will introduce it into the hold. In other words, it is still allowed to travel with 2 suitcases, but not to put them in the cabin. I have had the experience of traveling a few days ago, and I have to admit that the boarding is much more dynamic and fluid than before. Greetings