The Northern Lights, in Norway

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena to see are the so-called northern lights or aurora borealis. What a spectacle that winter gives us in the north! There are many places where it is possible to see these lights, all over the hemisphere, but here in Europe that place is Norway.

La norwegian northern lights It is one of its most popular tourist attractions and is about to begin, so today's article is dedicated to these greenish ghosts that cross the icy skies.

Northern Lights

This natural phenomenon occurs when solar particles collide with the Earth's magnetic field, protective barrier of the same. But some manage to pass and then the northern lights are formed, lights that seem to weave a mantle that moves across the sky in different colors, oranges, reds and greens, although the latter always prevails.

Although this phenomenon is observed more in the North Pole it is something that occurs at both poles and that's why they exist northern lights and southern auroras. Seeing the lights in the north is easier, which is why there are more vantage points or more frequent weather conditions that are conducive to seeing them, in Norway and Iceland.

The Northern Lights in Norway

We are right at the beginning of the season to see the Northern Lights in Norway. The season is extensive, it goes from these days, the end of September, the beginning of October, until the end of March.. Here it gets dark very early so you can see the northern lights from dusk until the early hours of the morning, but it should always be dark to better see the color palette in green, blue, pink, orange and purple.

But this is a natural phenomenon so Although some forecasts can be made, none are accurate. There is no way that the experience is guaranteed, although the beautiful Norwegian landscapes will always give you unforgettable postcards. Yes indeed, there are more chances to see the Northern Lights when the weather is dry and cold and today weather applications can help us hit the mark.

Then, What are the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway? Basically in four destinations: the Lyngenfjord region, Narvik, the North Cape and Senja. Lyngenfjord It has a beautiful 82-kilometer fjord, with white and blue glaciers and magnificent high peaks that are almost two thousand meters high. Getting there is easy either by road, by boat or by plane. Here you can practice skiing, do outdoor sports, excursions of all kinds, and you can also hire tours to see the aurora.

Yes, here you can stay to sleep in those glass huts so, so beautiful, the Crystal lavvos. There are only six and it is not cheap, but without a doubt it is unforgettable. Such a tour includes 90-minute ferry transportation, guide, all meals and activities, warm clothes, lodging. A journey of almost 18 hours.

Meanwhile Narvik is a great winter vacation destination and one of the gateways to the Arctic. There are usually very good conditions here to see the Northern Lights, surrounded by mountains over 1500 meters high and with an exceptional fjord. It is precisely from the top of the Narvikfjellet that the views of the sky are great, and in the city there are many agencies that can organize excursions for you. "Hunt for northern lights".

These excursions take you to the mountains, where there are no artificial lights and the sky can be seen in all its dark beauty, studded with stars, with the solitary journey of a shooting star, all very magical. You can sign up until a certain time of the day, and although no one assures you of seeing the lights, just going into the mountains, drinking something hot and sitting around a campfire is worth the experience.

The Northern Lights are also visible from the North cape, the tip of a mountainous area that ends in this high cliff of 307 meters high. The view of the Barents Sea and the skies is something to remember. This cape is on Mageroya Island and it is very popular with travelers, especially in winter, where excursions even take place in the middle of the night.

Finally, Senja is a distant, silent and pure place. Senja is the second largest island in Norway, a place where the purest air in the world prevails. The landscapes of high mountains that are stuck in the sea are the order of the day and traveling this postcard by car, along a narrow road that goes around a thousand times, is unforgettable.

Basically These are the best destinations to see the Northern Lights in Norway, a country that is very popular in this regard. Although, we say it again, nothing is assured. The phrase circulates a lot that it is one of the best destinations to see the northern lights since the country is below the oval of the auroras, but this is not entirely true since it is evident that this phenomenon is visible from other places.

But what no one can deny is that Northern Norway is very well organized to enjoy the Northern Lights. That's true. There is a whole tourism industry designed around the northern lights, with glass bungalows, multiple tourism agencies, associated activities, night safaris, many hotels and restaurants. You just have to be patient and not arrive thinking that the dawn will immediately give us its magical presence.

Which is the Northern Lights kit? A good one multi-lens photo camera, a wide angle cannot be missing, spare batteries, tripod, and naturally the best winter clothes you have. The last tip: travel as far north as possible, at least until Bodo. Keep in mind that from Oslo or Bergen the Arctic Circle is far away, more than 16 hours by car or 19 by train, so maybe you should go by plane ...

You can't stay two days and expect to see the Northern Lights. If you travel so far north you must wait more days, the longer you stay the more chances you will have. If you are not used to the cold, maybe November, December and January will not suit you because the cold is extreme. Consider the end of September, October, February or March, and add to the destinations that you name Tromso, The Lofoten Islands, The Vesteralen Islands, the small fjord of Alta, Svalbard, Varanger and Helgeland.

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