The submerged village of Vilarinho da Furna


It will not be the best but it is frequent that the construction of a hydroelectric dam ends up flooding some town. There are many examples around the world and sometimes this type of event generates unintended tourist attractions.

This is the case of village Vilarinho da Furna, in Portugal. This town, located in the Minho region, came under water when a huge dam was built in the Homem River in the 60s. The dam was necessary to supply electricity to the entire region, so the national electricity company met with the villagers and paid them to leave their homes. Vilarinho da Furna then had about 300 inhabitants.

The last of them left the village in 1971 and when only the houses remained and the dam and hydroelectric power station began to work, the waters arrived and covered everything, a year later. The village had been there for twenty centuries because according to the oral history of the Minho region it was the Romans who founded it in the XNUMXst century AD. What is striking and curious and attractive is that the waters have not completely covered the old village and sometimes they are higher, sometimes lower.

The village of Vilarinho da Furna It has been semi-submerged and today parts of the walls, parts of windows, parts of streets, parts of doors are visible. To learn more about this town under the waters you can visit the neighboring village, Sao Jao do Campo, because here there is a small museum in honor of the submerged town four decades ago.

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