The Tower of Collserola

There are many towers in the world that basically fulfill communication functions. You have to connect to the planet after all! Spain also has its own and one of them is the famous Collserola Tower.

It is a telecommunications tower which was built at the end of the XNUMXth century. In just two years the structure was erected that had to be ready, and it was, for the realization of the Barcelona Olympic Games of '92.

The Tower of Collserolla


Obviously it is still standing and you can obviously visit it. If you go to visit Barcelona and you want to have a great panoramic view of the city and its surroundings, then it is one of the visits that you cannot miss. Be careful if you don't want to spend money but have a good view, they say that the best ones are those from the top of Tibidabo, in addition to being cheaper.

Thinking about the Olympic Games that were about to be held, a society was created whose objective was both the construction and the operation of the tower. Thus was born Sociedad Torre de Collserolla SA, in 1987, with the participation of TVE, Telefónica and the government of Barcelona itself.

Three years later, the works began on the telecommunications tower that would have the objective of being the point of connection of everything related to the communications of the games.

The government of Barcelona gave this company the lands that are in the Sierra de Collserolla, in the Turó de la VilanaFor five decades, so there is still a couple left to commercially exploit the tower, that is to say, rent its telecommunications systems and secondly, tourist exploitation. In any case, in the initial project the design of a gazebo was required, so well from the beginning a viewpoint for visitors was thought of.

As it happens with works of this type an international design contest was opened and the following year, 1988, four very viable and different ones appeared. From traditional to more modern. The winning project was Norman Foster's, a slim design, with little environmental impact and cantilever platforms. Then there was another contest to select the construction company, the geological studies of the land were made and construction began in 1990 that had a total cost of 36 million.

In 1991 the set of platforms was raised, 77 meters, the tube was raised, the cables were placed and the tower reached its final height. Christmas lights are even placed on it and it is even managed to appear in the Guinness Book of Records. The following year they concentrated on everything related to the installation of telecommunications systems and some transmissions were made. From then on, year after year, the tower and its systems adapted to new technologies, from analog to digital.

What interests us, the fantastic tourist viewpoint, opened a year later, in 1993. But how is the tower if we had to describe it? In reality it is a complex, tower, auxiliary building and a small urbanization around it.

The total height of the tower from the base to the top is 288 meters, 266 up and 20 excavated. In turn, it has thirteen platforms, the viewpoint is at number ten and has two elevators with capacity for 26 people.

This space is rented regularly for conventions and events and the view it offers is simply wonderful. At a height of 115.5 meters you can reach a view of up to 70 kilometers. Actually, the viewpoint is located 560 meters above sea level and it is undoubtedly one of the best observatories that you can find in Barcelona. go in good weather and you will take the best pictures.

To go to the viewpoint you just have to approach the tower from the outdoor parking lot, which incidentally has capacity for 70 cars. It's 300 meters and how the tower and its complex are within the Sierra de Collserola Natural Park the walk is very nice. The Tower has a panoramic elevator also, glazed, which runs the 135 meters between the base of the tower and the 10th floor. It is only two and a half minutes of travel.

To know the visiting days and hoursRemember that the viewpoint may be closed due to weather complications or for a rental for an event or convention, you can visit website of the tower and inform you on their calendar. In general the opening hours are 10 in the morning to 12:45 in the afternoon and from 2:30 to 4 in the afternoon or at the latest, certain days it also closes 4:45 pm, 5:45 pm, 6:45 pm and 7:45 pm.

That rates there are? Well, you have different types of tickets, some only give you access to the tower and others give you the possibility of combining attractions. Individual entry costs 5, 60 euros per adult and children up to three years old do not pay. Those who are between 4 and 14 years old pay 3 euros under the Youth Ticket. The same is paid by adults over 30 years of age. Students with a card that accredits them as such pay 60, 3 euros.

And finally, For 16 euros, you have a combined ticket that includes Camí del Cel del Tibidabo + Torre de Collserola attractions. Keep in mind that the last elevator ride is 15 minutes before closing.

Now, How do you get to the Torre de Collserola? You can get there by taking the funicular and then bus 111 that leaves you at the foot of Tibidabo. By car, it is reached by the Vallvidrera road. If you have a car or rent one, you have some other tourist destinations to visit nearby such as Tibidabo, Park Güell, Gaudí House Museum, Pedralbes Monastery or Camp Nou, all a few kilometers away.

If you were interested in this information, it will be helpful for your next trip to Spain. And enjoy Barcelona!

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