The Villa de Ararapira, ghost town of Brazil

Ararapira village

You don't have to go that far to see authentic ghost towns and villages that have been becoming depopulated over the years. Without going any further, many of the inland towns of our "castillas" have been becoming uninhabited to the point that they have been sold for symbolic figures and have even offered jobs and houses to get them back to being the same. that they were once.

But today we are especially struck by a city of Brazil, or rather, a town in Brazil. It's about the Ararapira village, ghost town that no one dares to visit. If you want to know what are the reasons why this town always remains so alone, keep reading below. It will surprise you!

Situation and history

This villa is located on the border between São Paulo and Paraná. Its maximum population was only 500 inhabitants and today it is known as the ghost town. In it we can find from a church to dozens of houses, a cemetery, etc., and everything in a very good state of conservation, despite the time and neglect it suffers.

To the city only accessed by boat or catamaran, and when it reaches it a slight chill is felt through the body. It gives all the feeling that it was a hastily abandoned place, as if it were a zombie apocalypse from a science fiction series. The houses still remain with the doors closed, but the interior of many of them can be seen through the windows. Everything normal so far: there are some appliances, the kitchen, a table, chairs, sofas ... The church also seems to have been evicted in a hurry. Its altar is still very well arranged and as if the priest were to appear at any moment: the images, the candles, the benches remain, ...

In reality, the surrounding neighbors are asked and no one knows for sure when or why the villagers left. The reasons for speculation are also not known, inevitably.

Here are some of the most popular versions. Judge for yourself:

  • First version: The first inhabitants of the town would arrive at the beginning of the colonization of Brazil and their departure would be produced by a dispute between São Paulo and Paraná. Until the 1920s, it belonged to Sao Pablo and then Paraná gained possession of Ararapira, but abandoned it.
  • Second version: it has to do with erosion. The town is being swallowed by the earth, literally being swallowed by the water, due to the force of the tides and the geographical change of the place, after having made an artificial opening of the Ararapira channel for the passage of ships. This is one of the most plausible versions of why the inhabitants were able to pack their bags and leave in a fresh wind to another side of Brazil. According to the inhabitants of nearby towns and environmental professionals, if the sinking continues, the town will be completely swallowed by water.

As a last detail to add to this mysterious town is that the place is considered a Natural Heritage of Humanity and a Biosphere Reserve.

Some ghost towns of Spain

As we said before, in our country we also have our own ghost towns, and to show all these that we name below:

  • escó, town of Zaragoza.
  • Ochate, town of Burgos.
  • You Teixois, Asturian people.
  • belchite, another handy town that adds to the list.
  • The Mussara, town of Tarragona.
  • Granadilla, in Cáceres.
  • threshold, in Guadalajara.

How would you like to have the possibility of inhabiting Ararapira village or some town of those named in the previous paragraph? Would you submit your "candidacy" to visit it only or would you dare to inhabit it again? What other towns, cities or towns in the world do you know that have been uninhabited over the years and for what reasons did they do so?

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