Things that happen to you when traveling

Things that happen to you when traveling 2

Today we bring you a article as informative as it is fun to read, because in it we tell you some of the things that can happen to you if you travel a lot or very often.

Surely more than one and one of you will feel identified with the things that we are going to tell you around here and it is that almost all of us will have this happened from time to time. Or not? Give your opinion ...

Events, facts and things that happen when traveling

  • It changes you internally. They say that traveling is one of the most pleasant and complete experiences that a person can live. The destination does not matter, it does not matter how long you are going to spend there, but always, always, always becomes "different" from how we started on that trip.
  • The people of the city chosen as destination do not always understand you. And this can happen to you even if you only move about 200 km further. People have their own expressions and cultural expressions of the place where we live, so it is normal that the people who live where you travel do not always understand you.

Things that happen to you when traveling

  • You are on that "desired" trip and you are already planning the next one. It is unavoidable! To those of us who like to travel, we may be spending some great days in the chosen place, seeing impressive monuments and living that traveling experience to the fullest, that we will always be thinking about the next trip (in the dates, in the weather, in the things that we'll see, etc.).
  • Improve your sense of direction (and this would be great for me)… Because to a greater or lesser extent you depend on yourself and / or the people who accompany you at that moment, so little by little and based on "getting lost" a lot, you will improve your sense of orientation and also your spatial memory.
  • You always or almost always come back loaded with "reminders" for those important people. If for something you try not to be heavily loaded with luggage, it is for two reasons: the main one is not to pay for the suitcase that you board and later, to return with your hands full of those little details for your loved ones.

Things that happen to you when traveling 3

  • You will dress "differently" from how you usually dress. If in your day to day you are careful or careful when combining according to what clothes, when you are traveling this goes to the background. Perhaps because the suitcase did not take everything that you would have liked to carry or perhaps because the important thing is to travel and move around the destination, in a comfortable and simple way, without worrying about the colors or textures of your clothes.
  • The time you go on a trip will never be enough. If your trip is for leisure and not for obligation, no matter how long it lasts, a weekend, a whole week, or even a month, it will never be enough for you and you will always want to continue on that trip (unless there is been unfortunate and has become quite a bad experience, which rarely happens ...).
  • You will eat things that you never thought to put in your mouth. And yes, it sounds bad, but it really is. There will be food, prepared meals or street food, that if you were in your city you would never stop to buy, but there is so much desire to discover and try different things when traveling, that you even experience gastronomy.
  • From time to time you will run out of money. For purchases or unforeseen events, perhaps because you did not manage well the money that you would carry with what each thing would cost you, but from time to time you will run out of cash and you will have to resort to pulling the card ...
  • You will visit, whether you want it or not, those places that others who have been before you will recommend to you ... There will be some acquaintance or acquaintance of yours, who before has traveled to that place where you are going now. Well, you will end up going to those places that your acquaintance recommends only because he says they are worth going through. And all this, even if you already have your route planning done.
  • And finally, something that happens to all of us: you will need a vacation from vacationBecause the "post-vacation" and "post-trip" depression will be such that you will not only think about the next traveling period of rest that you take, you will spend a few days as "out of place" from everything.

What do you think of these things that happen to you when traveling? Have we got it right or not? Do you think we left any more? If so, leave it in the comments section and we will gladly read you.

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