Things to do in Mallorca in winter

Mallorca in winter

La Majorca island It has its high season in summer, when everyone comes to enjoy the good weather of the Mediterranean, its waters and the party in certain areas of the island. However, it is also a place that we can visit in low season and enjoy it. Although tourism is not the same and many establishments close, you can see many interesting things.

If we are planning a travel in low seasonWe will also have the advantage that it will be much cheaper and we will be able to enjoy more of the monuments and tourist areas without having to suffer long lines and waits. It is the ideal time to discover some corners of Mallorca in complete tranquility.

Visit the Cathedral of Mallorca

Interior of the cathedral

The Cathedral of Mallorca is one of the most important visits on the island, and the Cathedral of Santa María de Mallorca or La Seu is its main religious building. Construction began in the XNUMXth century in Levantine gothic style. The entrance is paid and with it you can access the interior of the cathedral, the museum and the cloister area, where there is a souvenir shop, which is where the exit is.

Inside the cathedral it is possible to enjoy various things. From religious figures to altarpieces. But of course if there is something that attracts the attention of all who enter it on the great color of its stained glass, especially that of the central rosettes. It is a great show that leaves no one indifferent. We invite you to sit on the central banks simply enjoying the tranquility of its interior and the beautiful stained glass windows. In one of the naves you can also see the work of the painter Miquel Barceló, with a polychrome wax mural that draws attention inside the cathedral. Finally we will be able to buy a souvenir in the store and we will go out to the streets of the old part of the city.

Wander around the old town

Streets of Mallorca

Leaving the cathedral we can continue our journey through the old streets of Palma. In these streets, if we have time, it is good to walk aimlessly, to see where they take us, since they always surprise us. We may end up in the port area or the new area, but we can always re-enter them. It is a very beautiful part of the city, where we can find some squares, old markets and especially shops, some very interesting and others with typical souvenirs.

Visit the Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle is one of the essential visits in Palma. This castle attracts attention because it has a circular floor plan. It is possible to arrive with the car next to the castle, but it is also a great idea, if the weather is favorable, to go up to this fortification enjoying the surrounding forest area, where we can find a small church and a park. The entrance to the castle is free on Sundays, and in low season you can also see this day calmly. Inside the castle there are exhibitions that tell us about its history and that of the city of Palma. It is possible to go up to the intermediate area and also to the upper terrace, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, the mountains and the sea.

See the Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

Another interesting visit on the island in low season is the Caves of Drach. These underground caves have great beauty, and we can see formations that have been created over centuries. To get there from Palma it is possible to take buses or alternate with the train to Manacor and then take another bus to the caves or Porto Cristo. In the Caves we will pay an entrance fee that entitles us to a guided tour of them, discovering their history and details and also to a nice concert. In the area of ​​the lake there are some steps from which to enjoy the music, which comes from some musicians who go in a boat on the lake. Then we can go from one side of the lake to the other by boat or cross the bridge.

Try an ensaimada


One of the things that cannot be missed on a visit to Mallorca is the ensaimadas tasting. Its most typical product along with pearls, and of course a tasty dessert to start or end the day. Ensaimadas come in various sizes, from the smallest to large ensaimadas that serve multiple people. They can be found in Majorcan pastry shops and also in tourist areas and at the airport, and they come with typical boxes where they are safely wrapped. You can choose the plain ones, which only have icing sugar on top, but there are also them with chocolate, cream or angel hair, for those who want to try all the modalities. It does not fail to return home with a box or two of ensaimadas on the plane.

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