Things you should know if you travel to Japan

Today we bring you an article designed especially for those next travelers to the Japanese country: Japan. But, could you tell me why Japan is known as the Japanese country? For the simple reason that Japan in Japanese is said "Nippon" and that's how they pronounce it. For this same reason the Japanese are known as "Japanese."

Stepping on Japan must be totally different from what we usually know. I believe, and this is already a subjective opinion of mine, that Japan is the most peculiar place of all, the most different of all we have been able to visit ... And if you don't think so, keep reading these things you should know if you travel to Japan soon or at some point in your life.

Facts you may not know about Japan

  1. If your stay in Japan is going to be less than 90 days, You will get the visa upon arrival at the airport. Of course, your passport must have at least 6 more months of validity from the date of flight, and perhaps, it is on the plane itself where they give you the forms that you must fill out and deliver at the airport for the management of that visa.
  2. Not everything is 'sushi'. If you love the sushi And you think that in Japan you are only going to find this as gastronomy, you are very wrong. Yes, you can survive on 'sushi' during your stay, but you will find dozens of them ... Much of the food they serve you will not know what it is and for tourists, what certain restaurants usually do, is to put a simile of the plate they offer but in plastic ... Choose the one that most fits your eye and enjoy each one of them ... Don't ask what it is. By the way, if you are a vegetarian, and let's not say vegan, you will have serious problems eating there.
  3. We do not know if because of the stress and the fast-paced life they lead, it is very often meet people sleeping on the train, subway, etc. People with a suit jacket, briefcase and the typical anti-pollution mask snoring at the top of their lungs is the most normal thing in those parts. Take it easy, you'll get used to it fast.
  4. Although we think that Japan is a super developed country and very focused on technologies, you should know that not everywhere you can pay with a foreign credit card. Most hotels and shopping centers do accept them, but not all traditional restaurants or accommodations.
  5. They don't usually speak English. It is common to think that when we go abroad (France, Australia, New York, etc.) we will be able to defend ourselves linguistically speaking if we "rubbish" a little English. Forget about this. The Japanese tend to have very little idea of ​​English and very few speak it. Therefore, we will be a little "lost" at first and we will still be days away from leaving the country, but that will not stop you, do not worry. You will end up finding everything you are looking for.
  6. Consider this series of rituals: Do not speak aloud, they are not very physical contact, if you eat with chopsticks do not leave them pricked in the rice, this detail means for them that you are offering it to the dead ... We continue: They are not very much to eat in the street , It is not well seen, nor to blow your nose, and you can eat the soup making a lot of noise, that they do not care.
  7. Water is not charged in restaurantsIt is offered either from the natural tap or from the bottle and can be repeated as many times as we want. If you are more of beer or other alcoholic beverages you should know that they are not cheap at all.
  8. HR vending machines they are there another world apart. You can find everything from boiled eggs to magazines, ironed shirts or shower gels, going through the most typical: soft drinks, juices, snacks, etc. It is a whole world parallel to what we knew until now.
  9. Shipping is typical wet wipes in restaurants, both to start lunch or dinner and at the end. I have to say that I have seen this a lot in Asian restaurants in Spain, but it is seen that it is almost a custom there.
  10. Put in the suitcase lots of socks and look good. You will be barefoot almost all the time since there are many places that ask before entering that you get rid of your shoes. They consider that if you keep the shoes you will take the dirt from the street to the houses and other places.

Therefore, and in short, be polite and wherever you go, do what you see…. Or so they say.

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