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With the arrival of summer, many begin their long-awaited vacations. Some set sail for remote destinations having to adapt to the circumstances of a long-hour trip. Flying in business makes things easier, but for those who have to spend several hours sitting in an economy class seat, the trip can become a real nuisance.

There are circumstances that make traveling by plane very uncomfortable: queues to check in, airport security measures (necessary but tedious), turbulence, back pain ...

However, there are ways to improve that experience and in the next post we will try to offer you several tips to make long airplane trips easier.

Facing stress, taking a deep breath and a smile

For many people, planning a trip can cause anxiety, difficulty falling asleep or muscle aches, which means that their mood is negatively affected.

If we add to this the fear of flying, the result can be an irritable and impatient traveler who causes certain problems for his fellow travelers or the crew of the plane.

To prevent stress from ruining the start of the holidays, it is best to plan the trip in advance, take care of your diet and sleep the days before, and put into practice relaxation exercises to help us find peace in those moments when we can easily lose our temper.

Good manners, kindness and a smile are of great help when interacting with others, especially in a situation that generates stress such as taking a flight on time or traveling by plane for a long time.

Check In

One of the keys to enjoying a comfortable trip is to be proactive and choose a good seat in advance. Arriving early at the airport or checking in online a couple of days before flight departure is advisable in order to be able to choose it.

In this way, if you are looking for more space to be able to stretch your legs during the journey, it is recommended that you choose the seats located in the aisle of the emergency doors or along the aisle because these seats allow greater mobility. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay away from children, avoid the parts of the screens, reserved for them. Also, if you are looking for peace of mind, do not choose the seats that are close to the services or flight personnel.

Wear comfortable clothes for traveling

The most experienced travelers know the benefits of wearing loose and comfortable clothes to go on a trip. For example, sweatpants will always be more comfortable than skinny jeans, especially if the trip is going to last several hours.

In addition, it is recommended to wear several clothes during the trip because the air conditioning in the planes can be very high and if the journey is going to be long, it is advisable to wear warm clothes.

In this sense, wearing chubby socks is a good idea if we want to take off our shoes. On the other hand, if the feet swell, it is advisable to put on again, so comfortable shoes that do not tighten will be the best idea.

Stop boredom

Being confined for several hours to a confined space does not have to be a problem if you are looking for a way to curb boredom. Many airlines that fly long flights have in-flight entertainment to watch movies, series or listen to music.

However, it is interesting that, in case the airline does not provide this service, the passenger carries something in their luggage to make the hours go by faster, such as an e-book or a music player.

Look for comfort during the trip

If you want to enjoy a pleasant plane trip, do not forget to bring a small blanket as well as an anatomical pillow so that the cervicals rest better and you can sleep without causing a contracture.

Nor can you miss in your handbag an eye mask and earplugs that isolate you from noise when you want to rest, or a kit to brush your teeth because that way you will feel fresher when you spend so much time on a plane.

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Staying hydrated during the trip

One of the keys to getting over a long flight quickly is to stay well hydrated during the flight, since airplane cabins are often dry places with a high probability of causing dehydration.

To combat it, it is necessary to drink water regularly and little by little as well as avoid alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.

Choose what you are going to eat

On long trips, airlines usually offer passengers a menu for lunch, but if you have a food intolerance or allergy, you must communicate this in your reservation. Remember to check it a day before the plane takes off to check that everything is in order.

In any case, the airlines also offer snacks and refreshments between the meals established on the flight but it is always recommended that the traveler himself carry some nuts or cookies to kill the bug on long journeys.

move on

If the flight lasts more than four hours it is essential that you do not remain seated all the time as there is a risk that you will develop deep vein thrombosis. To avoid this, stretch your legs, walk through the corridors of the plane, and do small stretching exercises.


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