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Traveling by train

This is something we have all wanted to do in our youth. About going to an Interrail with our backpack on our shoulders to travel the world. It is never too late if we put effort into it, and it is possible to enjoy a great backpacking train trip at any age and today transport is even more punctual and efficient than before.

This from travel by train not everyone likes it. Without a doubt we must be one of those who do not get dizzy, because the movement is usually constant, although with modern trains it is not so noticeable, but as we say it is a transport suitable for everyone and that is economical and sometimes more interesting than simply taking a plane to reach the destination.

Advantages of traveling by train

Traveling by train

One of the main advantages that we can use to decide on the train is that it is usually much cheaper than air travel, in the vast majority of cases. If our budget is tight but we still want to embark on an adventure, we can choose train tickets with different destinations. There are some that have even become famous, such as the Transcantábrico or Interrail that have options to travel throughout Europe.

To saving we have to add the advantage that we can enjoy every step on the journey. We mean that we will see small towns and we can stop in places that are not so touristy, discovering every corner. This is impossible if we travel by plane, which is perfect to reach a specific destination, but not to discover a country to the millimeter.

La punctuality is also a great advantage, and the fact is that there are usually no delays or long waits on trains, arriving a little before the time if we already have our ticket will be more than enough. In addition, it is not usually a very crowded environment and currently the trains are much more comfortable and silent than those of years ago.

Prepare your backpack

If we are going to go backpacking by train we must have a backpack with all the essentials but without passing us. To make the perfect backpack it is better to make a prior list of everything we want to take with us, putting the basics on one side and on the other what we would carry 'just in case'. The basics should always come first. From a medicine cabinet to a mobile phone, a health card, a change of clothes and hygiene items. Today we carry many things on our mobile. That is, we no longer have to carry maps because we can download them on our mobile, and we can also download applications for almost everything, to help us with languages, find accommodation or know the weather that we are going to have.

Once you have filled the backpack, check the weight, it should not be excessive. Remember that you may spend hours with it, and the longer it spends the heavier it will seem, so we have to be able to carry it calmly. If you find it heavy, go back to go over the list and try to reduce the contents of the backpack as much as possible. Think above all about the health of your back.

Buy the ticket

We can get the train ticket buy at the station itself, since they are not subject to change as is the case with airplanes. These tickets can also be purchased online. Nowadays all train trips can be purchased online in advance, so that we can get to the station in a short time. Of course, do not forget that the trains are punctual. It is better to arrive a little earlier to check both the track and the train or wagon number.

Services on trains

The train journey is longer than by plane, so they have some services, especially if they are long distance. Settle into your seat and then explore what the train has to offer. In general they usually have a bar area to have an aperitif in the company of other travelers. Who knows, we may meet other backpackers around the world. These trains also have bathrooms and some have beds, although it depends on the length of the journey. They also usually have table seating, so you can eat or work in them quietly.

Leisure on the train

Train travel

Hours on the train can be tedious, so we can also go prepared for this. We may get tired of looking out the window, or it may be night and we simply don't have scenery to enjoy. So we can bring some interesting options for the trip. Some cards take up little and give a lot of play, even if you go alone. The ebook is a great idea for any trip, with hundreds of books and hours of entertainment, and for want of something else, you can download games on your mobile to pass the time. Because trains are not really prepared to offer us much leisure.

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