How to choose the most appropriate travel insurance?

When we organize a getaway there are many things we have in mind: transport, luggage, hotel, excursions ... However, something we do not usually pay attention to is the risks that we could run during the holidays. As in other aspects of life, when traveling, being forewarned is synonymous with tranquility. Facing unforeseen bills can become a headache if we are unfortunate enough to suffer a mishap or medical need while on vacation.

Having some type of travel insurance is recommended especially if we travel outside of Europe But since we are aware that sometimes it can be somewhat complicated to choose between one policy and another, below we are going to tell you the keys so that you can hire the one you need.

Travel insurance that attends you in your language

It can be seen as a minor issue but it is more important than it seems. Whatever the insurance coverage, The fact of calling and being attended to in your own language when you find yourself in a difficult moment gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you will be treated in the most indicated place in the most correct way.

Another factor to take into account is to be able to contact the telephone service for free. There are travel insurances that offer the possibility of calling by reverse charge in the countries that allow it or of requesting the reimbursement of the call in those that do not give that option.

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A travel insurance in which you do not need to advance money

The last thing we want when hiring travel insurance is that at the critical moment it makes things difficult for us with paperwork and advances of money from our pocket. Especially if we hire a high coverage insurance to travel without any worries.

To contract travel insurance it is advisable that you choose a travel insurance without excess that takes care of the medical expenses derived from visits, medicines and transport. However, you should also know that if due to an emergency you go to a medical center before contacting the insurer, it is likely that you will have to advance money that will then be reimbursed when you return from the trip.

Travel insurance for the whole family

Traveling is an activity for all ages, so travel insurance should also cover the needs of all audiences. However, there are not a few insurers that put clauses in small print that for reasons of age prevent certain people from benefiting.


Cheap travel insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, you don't always have to look for the cheapest one, but the one that best meets your needs. To avoid booking offers with too many fine print, the search process must be carried out with the same care as a flight or hotel. If we choose the first option that we find, we will probably buy a very cheap insurance that does not have as much coverage as another that costs more money. In short, when hiring insurance, the fundamental thing is to study the coverage of each one and then the price. It's better to prevent than to cure.

A travel insurance with the possibility of cancellation

Many people ignore this possibility, but there is travel insurance that has a cancellation clause, which allows the reimbursement of travel expenses that do not occur and that providers such as hotels or flights do not cover directly. Having a travel insurance with cancellation ensures the return of several of the expenses contracted in the event of not being able to enjoy the holidays in a large number of different scenarios.

An adapted travel insurance

Not all trips are the same, why should insurance be? Hiring good travel insurance is important, as is doing it for the type of trip you are going to make. Make sure you pick the best one for you and don't assume that everyone covers the same.

Travel insurance without duplication

Before contracting travel insurance, it is advisable to review the coverages that our other policies may include, such as health or accidents, since sometimes these insurances also offer coverage abroad. However, it is convenient to look at the limitations since, for example, in the case of health policies with assistance outside Spanish borders, the maximum economic limit is approximately 12.000 euros and when the trip is not more than 3 months.

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