Tips for enjoying a weekend getaway

Weekend trips

For all those who cannot afford long vacations or accumulate days at work to make trips in low season, there are other alternatives, such as the possibility of making a Weekend getaway. Getaways allow us to make small trips that take us out of the routine and show us new places.

To prepare well and enjoy a getaway On the weekend there are a few useful tips to keep in mind. We should not take a simple getaway as a long trip, but it is something different, to enjoy in the short term and visit small and usually close places.

Make a list of possible getaways


Surely you have many nearby destinations to which you want to spend a little time. Those waterfalls that you have heard of, the beach that is so beautiful or that charming little town. There are many places, from hiking trails to rural areas, nearby cities and places with beautiful landscapes that we can visit. If you do not have information about everything near you, use Google and search possible tourist places and routes to enjoy a different weekend. You can make a list that goes from the places you want to see first, to the ones that are furthest away or least essential. So you will always have inspiration to make and prepare your weekend getaway.

Choose the type of getaway

There are many things you can do on weekend getaways. We can choose a relaxing getaway, in a spa or in a rural house. Also a cultural getaway to see a play in a nearby city. A gastronomic getaway, in search of new flavors and restaurants, or an adventure getaway, to do new activities and nearby hiking trails. There are fun getaways with friends and romantic getaways with your partner. Each of them requires a different destination and different preparations, so keep in mind the type of getaway you want to do to prepare your luggage.

Prepare your luggage


La suitcase must be light and small, since we will only be away for a weekend and it does not make sense to carry large suitcases and heavy luggage from one place to another. A change of clothes, basic hygiene and cosmetics and important details such as identification documents, health card, money in currency and the mobile phone charger. As always, we will recommend you to make a list of essentials and try not to increase too much so that the luggage is not heavy.

If you also plan to make a travel by carYou may need to bring a snack, drinks and cushions or blankets to be comfortable in the car.

Places to see

In these weekend getaways, what limits us the most is time, so if we are going to make a visit we have to stick to the essentials. That is, to the most interesting places that the destinations have. We can see what there is to see in that place and take into account the opening hours so as not to be surprised and have to wait that would reduce that time that is already scarce. Good planning can save us time.

Choose the right transport

Weekend getaway

When it comes to getaways, the car is usually chosen to go to nearby places, although it can be a great possibility to make a small getaway by plane to a nearby city. You always have to look at the departure and arrival times, and the way to move around those places, with the public transport schedules to avoid surprises. If we go by car, it is good to find out if we have easy parking areas or if we have to look for public parking to avoid going around the cities.

Where to eat and sleep

This is also important, especially if we are one of those who love to try the gastronomy of each place and new flavors and restaurants. With the Internet we can know good restaurants, look at their reviews and thus know where we are going to eat, so as not to waste time choosing a place. We can even book in advance. As for sleeping, we usually only spend the night one day, so we can look for deals or hotels with good prices so that the getaway goes much better for us. There are from hostels to flats or hostels that offer pleasant spaces in which to spend a night.

Leave room for adventure

Although planning trips is fine because we avoid unpleasant surprises, in a getaway everything cannot be planned, so you have to leave space for spontaneity. That is, if we want to stop on the way to see something, we can do it, or go off the beaten path to discover new things. Each trip is a different adventure, so you always have to leave some space to do things without planning.

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