Tips for planning a cruise trip

How to plan a trip

If you are already thinking about a cruise trip, then it is a good time to do some planning perfect of it. We can't forget anything! But not only talking about luggage but about a good organization to have everything well tied and this begins much earlier than we think.

We know that it will be a unique moment, some unforgettable days, and in order to disengage from all of this, it is advisable to follow a series of steps. Planning a cruise trip is the most exciting And since we don't want you to leave everything to the last minute, we only advise you to discover the surprises we have for you.

Choose one of the most popular destinations

Perhaps you already have a specific destination in mind, because it is true that when we consider a cruise trip it may be so. But if not, you must also take into account those that are most in demand, so that you do not run out of your place. Mediterranean cruises are one of the great options. Why? Well, because it offers us more than unforgettable landscapes. The Greece cruise invites you to discover all the islands that are full of mythology and monuments that you must see in person, at least once in your life.

cruise trip

On the one hand Athens, via Crete, Mykonos or Santorini. Just by mentioning them we know that we will have the most special combination of culture and beaches in the world. While on the other hand, also A cruise through the Caribbean is another of the options in demand without neglecting northern Europe that allows us to enjoy Norway, Saint Petersburg to Stockholm or Copenhagen. A walk through the fjords or the Baltic capitals are also perfect for our cruise trip!

Do not wait until the last minute to make the reservation

It is not a trip that we can do in a short time, quite the opposite. The best thing is to try to plan it in advance and if it is our dream, we cannot delay it any longer. That is why we cannot give you a fair but approximate time: A year in advance is the most appropriate, although it is true that sometimes we can do it up to two years before. If it seems too much, remember that Among the advantages of making the reservation early are being able to choose the types of cruises as well as their itineraries, the availability of dates or the largest cabins, because they are usually the ones that are reserved before. Not forgetting that you can also take advantage of certain promotions if you make your reservation as soon as possible. The cruises 2022 are now available for you!

Tips for traveling by boat

Which cabin should I choose

It is another of the most demanded questions and above all, it must be said that the cruise line where you are going to travel can always advise you depending on the type of boat. Still we will tell you that If you have never been by boat, it is best to opt for a cabin in the central part and on the lower deck. More than anything because it is one of the areas where the movement of the boat is less noticeable and this will prevent us from getting dizzy. A cabin in the lower part is recommended when you will really only be in it to sleep and just enough. On the contrary, if you think that you can spend more time in it resting, then try to keep it away from the areas where more people gather.

What yes and what I should not carry in the suitcase

Packing is another of the main parts of any trip worth its salt. Therefore, nothing like betting on organizing it and well. We completely forget that phrase of 'Just in case' because in the end we find ourselves with a suitcase that exceeds the allowed kilos. So, remember that you should wear comfortable clothes for the day with shoes that do not slip. Both to be on the boat and to go on an excursion, although here we will change the style of shoes.

For the evenings, it is true that sometimes we will find a slightly more informal dinner. So you can add a garment that is also. Sportswear and bathing suits will also be required. Although you should find out if you already have it on board, you can always carry small cans with your gel or shampoo. But yes, do not bring a hairdryer or iron for your hair or clothes. Because it is something that is not usually allowed. So, better focus on clothes, accessories and of course, the toothbrush or mobile that you do not forget. Of course, you must include both the passport and the vaccination card. You are ready to set sail on what will be the best vacation of your life!

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