Tips for traveling for the first time on a cruise

travel in a cruise

The first time you go on a cruise can be very exciting, but like everything else, whenever you are going to do something for the first time it can be somewhat disconcerting. If you've never gone on a cruise, no matter how many times you've been told about it, chances are you feel uncertain as well as excited about going on a cruise for the first time. In today's article I want to talk to you about tips for traveling for the first time on a cruise and that nothing comes to you unexpectedly.

The first thing to consider is where you want to go and the type of cruise you want to do. It is not the same to go on a two-day cruise just because you want to go on a boat, than to go on a one or two week cruise touring much of the coastline of a specific place. So, once you have this more or less clear, then It will be when you can continue reading to know what you should keep in mind when you want to cruise for the first time.

Your first cruise

If you've already booked your first cruise, congratulations! You will soon discover all the good it has to offer you. If you are looking for some tips and suggestions to make your experience much more pleasant, then much better because you are in the right place.

It's possible that when you booked your cruise there were things you didn't even think of as things about the suitcases, the bracelet to be able to drink whatever you want when you want, meals on board, etc. It is necessary that you take into account all these points so that your trip is ideal. Do not miss the best tips to make your trip on board a fantastic one.

travel in a cruise


Do not stay on the ground

On a cruise it is necessary that you take into account everything you will need: food, fun, drink, clothes, etc. But you will also need to have everything at hand such as your documentation, your money, etc. Normally when you go on a cruise, it is to see new cities and when a ship arrives at port, people can decide whether to go visit the new city or stay on the ship.

The usual thing is that you hire some excursions to get to know the city and that way you have the day organized. From the boat at most they can give you a map of the place and they will tell you when you have to return so as not to stay on land. Normally the excursions usually last about 6 or 8 hours, so you have more than enough time to enjoy the place.

But I advise you, that before getting on the boat, you already know the cities you are going to go to and that you have studied the places to visit, you have taken care of downloading maps and browsing the areas you will visit. At the same time, it is important that you know how to move around the city and the most important points to visit near the port, especially if you do not want to hire an additional excursion. But remember that it is a good idea to hire excursion services Because the guide will take you by bus to all the places of interest and it is much more comfortable for you. Also, you will not have the risk of staying on land!


The 'bracelet' is worth it

When you go on a cruise, if you hire it through a travel agency it will be more reliable for you because they will be able to offer you all the packs and bonuses that there are and so you can choose the one that interests you the most according to your needs on board. When they are explaining what the bonuses are about, then you will realize that there is an all-inclusive option, drinks included, only some drinks included ... and that depending on the pack you choose to enjoy on board it will have one price or another.

You may prefer to choose a economical pack so you don't have to spend too much money at once, but I advise you to value the option of paying for the all-inclusive bracelet because in this way you will forget about expenses. When you are on board a ship, prices are usually more expensive than on land, so a drink or a snack outside of meal hours can be quite expensive. Therefore, do not deny yourself the opportunity to have the all-inclusive bracelet or at least a large part of the services to save money - even if it does not seem like it at first.

Enjoy the activities on board

If you consider yourself a shy or introverted person when you are on board the cruise, you will forget everything. Being on a cruise is like being in a small floating city where you have everything you need to have fun. The best of all is that on a cruise the fun does not stop for a moment, so it is necessary that you be attentive to all the activities that are coming out because you will have a great time.

Moreover, on all cruises there is usually a dinner with the captain, it is a gala dinner where everyone puts on their best clothes. It is a special dinner for all visitors and you will certainly have a good time. Before traveling on the cruise, find out about all the activities they do to see if they are really good options for you. This way you will know if the cruise is tailor-made for you or not.


Don't forget the sickness pill

Traveling by boat means being at the mercy of the sea, so the waters may be calm as if they are somewhat rough. While it is true that today's boats are made so that you don't even notice the waves, sometimes, when the sea is too rough, you are likely to feel a little dizziness - or quite a bit.

When this happens, it is best to have a pill on hand to help you manage dizziness - or some syrup. If you do not know which one you can take, before starting the trip it is best that you go to your doctor so that, in addition to telling him about the cities you are going to visit -in case he had to do a special checkup-, you can also tell him that You will go by boat and what you can take to avoid possible dizziness.

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