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Six out of ten households have a pet in Spain. In total, more than 16 million animals that often accompany their owners on vacation. In consecuense, the tourism sector has had to adapt to make it easier for travelers to travel with their pets. More and more transport, restaurants and hotels allow the presence of animals in their facilities.

If you are one of those who have a pet and for nothing in the world do you want to separate from it on vacation or during a getaway, pay attention to some tips that will make your stay at your destination easier.


Hotels and Boutiques

Although we have always been able to find rural houses or tourist apartments that allow pets, the large hotel chains until recently put obstacles to the stay of animals inside.

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Fortunately, things are changing and many already offer the possibility that pets and owners can sleep in the same room. There are some hotels that even offer specific services for our dogs: from beds with blankets to gourmet menus or beauty sessions. At the time of booking, it is convenient to look at the conditions, since they tend to vary even within the same hotel chain.

Some of the hotel chains that allow animals in their facilities are: Hilton, Me by Meliá, The Westin, Best Western, Derby Hotels Collection, etc.

Residences for animals

If despite everything we are sure that our friend will not be able to accompany us, Pet hotels are an excellent option to make sure they are well cared for in our absence. In this case, it is advisable to look for a good residence for animals that has good references and everything necessary so that the pets do not suffer during that period of separation.

Traveling with animals

By car

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No one knows pets better than their owners. Therefore, when traveling with them by car, it is advisable to spend time preparing the journey, taking care of their needs during it: a strap that is secured in the same anchor as the seat belt, a blanket to protect the upholstery and, in the event that they become dizzy, it will be necessary to carry a special medication prescribed by the veterinarian to help them to be more relaxed during the trip.

Speaking of veterinarians, if necessary it could be very useful take down the number of phone number of a veterinary clinic that is in the area where we are going to spend the holidays. Not only in case our friend suffers a mishap, but in case we have to buy something that he needs and we could have forgotten at home.

By public transport

When traveling to another city, We advise you to inform yourself of the schedules and conditions in which it is allowed to access the metro, bus or train accompanied by our pets. There are several capitals in Spain that allow it and surely in many other places as well.

Petfriendly airlines

The online travel agency eDream analyzed in a study what is the behavior of several airlines when traveling with our pets. EasyJey and Ryanair only accept animals if they are guide or rescue dogs which, as with other airlines, can travel for free in the cabin regardless of their weight. On the other hand, Air Europa, Vueling and Iberia allow you to take not only dogs and cats but also birds, rodents and fish on a trip as a pet. Depending on the weight of the carrier (which can be up to 8 kilos) it is possible to travel with a pet paying between 25 and 160 euros.

Beaches for dogs

dog beaches

Although winter access to the beaches is free in practically the entire Spanish coast, with the arrival of summer everything changes. Although there are more and more towns that delimit some areas of the beach so that dogs can use them, there are also areas where their access is totally prohibited. This is the case of Andalusia, which in 2015 prohibited the presence of domestic animals on all its beaches, including those that were enabled for them. For this reason, it is advisable to inquire before taking these walks on the beach with the dogs. since fines can range from the one hundred and three thousand euros.

En CataloniaBoth Tarragona and Gerona have beaches that allow dogs. In Barcelona, ​​more than 16.000 signatures have been collected to ask the city council to adapt an area for dogs on a beach in the city due to the scarcity of areas enabled.

In Get the Funds! we can find a beach suitable for dogs in each province. In Castellón there is the Aiguaoliva beach, in Vinarós (a cozy cove with boulders), in Valencia there is the Can beach (being the first to be enabled for the entry of animals) and in Alicante the Punta del Riu beach, belonging to to the town of Campelló.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl.  Canary Islands we can find two beaches whose regulations allow the entry of dogs. On the one hand, the Cabezo beach in Tenerife and on the other the Bocabarranco beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

At Balearic archipelago there is also a place for dogs on the beach. In Mallorca the closest to Palma is Carnatge, 5km from the capital. In Menorca you can find Cala Fustam, in the southwest of the island and in Ibiza Santa Eulália is very popular.

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