Tips for traveling with your dog around the world

Travel with the dog

There are many of us who have a pet and we take care of it like someone else in the family, so it is normal that we want to take our dog around the world when traveling. On our vacations we are going to enjoy an ideal accompaniment if we take our pet, but with this new passenger we will also have to change plans a bit.

Traveling with a dog It can have its advantages but also its disadvantages, so we are going to give you a few tips for traveling with your dog around the world. Without a doubt it can be a different vacation and our pet will enjoy it as much as we do.

Advantages of traveling with the dog

Traveling with your dog

Traveling with the dog is like traveling with our best friend, so the company will always be insured. We can enjoy the walks much more with them and we will not have to separate or find an accommodation or a friend to leave it with while we go on a trip. With what we save in a kennel, we can already pay the expenses involved in taking the dog, which in reality are not usually many. This is another advantage, and it is usually a low cost companion. Traveling with a dog also allows us to go on a trip safely and feeling accompanied without having to wait to meet other people.

Disadvantages of traveling with the dog

When traveling with the dog we will always have to plan much better. The accommodation must be previously looked at, because we need one that allows pets. And it is also a problem in the vast majority of cities to move by public transport, since they do not usually allow animals, unless they are in their carrier. That is why we must look for alternatives such as taxis that admit our pet. This will always be expensive for us. It is also true that with the dog there will be many places that we will not be able to enter, from museums to shops or beaches. All of this must be taken into account in advance so as not to get surprises upon arrival and miss interesting things.

Finding accommodation with the dog

Traveling with the dog

One of the biggest doubts of all is the one that arises when it comes to find accommodation with the dog. In many hotels they say that they allow pets, and that you have to see them in advance. However, these pets often have limitations. In many cases they do not allow dogs over a certain weight and size, so many breeds and dogs are left out. If our dog is large, things are quite complicated, since few hotels allow large breed dogs. However, there are more and more alternatives, since there are pet friendly hotels in which all kinds of dogs are welcome and which have exclusive spaces for them and their caretakers.

Take care of the dog's health on the trip

Just as we carry a medicine cabinet for ourselves, it is important also take care of the dog's health during the trip. We must always carry water with us so that it does not dehydrate, and not expose it in the hottest hours. In a medicine cabinet we can carry medicines so that you do not get sick in the car, and so that you stay calmer during a plane trip. Also, your diet should be the same to avoid stomach problems during the trip. It is also good to have a small first aid kit to do some first aid in case the pads are cut or damaged, and of course take your medication if you have it.

Traveling by car with the dog

If we are going to travel by car with the dog, we will have much more freedom when it comes to moving around, so it is usually a great alternative. However, we will not reach destinations as far away as with the plane. It is a great idea to go by car because we will not have the transport problem when we arrive at our destination and we can go anywhere with the dog. When we travel by car we must take into account certain things. That by law the dog must be tied in the back so as not to disturb the driver, otherwise we may be penalized. In addition, we must stop from time to time so that the dog hydrates and walks a little, something that is also beneficial for us.

Traveling by plane with the dog

Traveling with your dog

When it comes to traveling by plane, we must always look in advance at the pet regulations of the airline in question. In many of them let the dog take in the cabin, if it has up to a certain weight and is in a suitable transport For larger dogs, the rule is usually that they travel in the hold also in a carrier that is suitable for their weight and size, so that they are comfortable. In general, this option is only used if we are going to travel for a long time to another country, because traveling by plane with large dogs is often difficult.

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