Tips to enjoy your holidays on the coast

When summer comes, many people choose a destination on the coast to enjoy that good time. We all want a vacation to be an unforgettable moment, and that is why we must have everything well planned and thought out, so as not to encounter last minute surprises. That is why we will give you these tips to enjoy your holidays on the coast.

There are some tips to keep in mind before and after reaching our destination, whatever it may be. It is better to have things planned or to have information so that we do not find ourselves with things that can shoot the budget or ruin a vacation, either alone or as a family.

Find a suitable destination

With a suitable destination we mean a destination that fits your Total budget and that is suitable for your age and your tastes. There are sun destinations for young people, destinations for families or couples. It all depends on what we are looking for. In addition, we must make a general budget and get an idea of ​​everything we are going to spend. As we say, we must look for information about the place, because it may be more expensive than we expect and the budget will skyrocket. Another option is to go to an all-inclusive hotel so as not to worry about food expenses.


The location of the accommodation is one of the most important things. It is not the same as is on the beach that we have to take a bus or have a rental car to get around. Although accommodations by the sea tend to go up in price, sometimes it compensates us. We can also choose an economic one on the second line of the beach, a few minutes walk.

The accommodation services they are also important. If the space has an outdoor pool, on many occasions we will avoid having to move to the beach, enjoying the sun in the hotel itself. In addition, if we go with children, we must look for hotels that have some entertainment for them, be it a mini-club of activities, a playground, a pool with a slide or entertainment staff.

The transfers

Transfers involve one more expense which must be previously calculated. Moving from the airport to the hotel is cheaper by public transport, although with children it can be an odyssey and it will certainly take longer. Also, if the hotel is not located next to the beach we may have to look for bus routes. Normally, the hotel usually has this information, and in some they even put their own bus to go to the airport and for transfers to the nearest beach. Everything is a matter of looking for information or calling the reception to make sure.

Look for an alternative plan

As not everything is going to be the beach on a vacation on the coast, we can also look for alternative plans for some day of the vacation. Visit a nearby monument, a city that is interesting or simply go out at night for a well-known drinking area. There are many more plans than sunbathing, which in the end can be a bit boring if it's the only thing we do during the holidays. There is always something more to see and places to enjoy new things.

If we go with children

If we go with children, the plans must be a little different. To begin with, in the hotel there should be entertainment and services for them, such as the children's menu in the dining room. If we are going to make visits or trips it is important to find something that may be interesting to them. A amusement park, water park or a boat excursion. There are ideas that kids might love that are for the whole family.

Let's not forget sun protection

If we go on vacation to the beach, we should always have the high factor sun protection. There is no use burning ourselves the first day and not enjoying the holidays for a detail as simple as this. It seems basic, but there are people who neglect it and then ruin their vacation for it. This is especially important if we go with children, who must be protected with the highest factor.

A first-aid kit always at hand

If possible, we should always have a first-aid kit at hand. In hotels there is usually even medical attention, but it is important to cover these contingencies. A basic first aid kit can help us, especially if we are staying in a rented apartment and not in a hotel. In addition, we must have covered the health care issue. Carry the health card of our community if we do not leave Spain, the European health card for all of Europe and travel insurance for international trips. If we choose travel insurance, we must always read it carefully to see what exactly it covers and what it does not.

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