Tips to get much cheaper flights

When traveling, the plane remains one of the options most chosen by many travelers around the world, so getting cheap and affordable flights for almost all budgets is an almost priority task. In this article we want to greatly facilitate this option and thus save for more possible future trips. Do not you think it is a great idea?

Follow these guidelines to get cheaper flights ...

Search in price comparators

You can go page by page, of the different airlines that operate in your country and that link that city in which you live with that other one you want to go and visit, or on the contrary, save you time and also money, conducting these searches on those web pages that are dedicated to comparing prices and offering you from the cheapest possibilities to the most expensive and complete.

In this way, you will not only be saving valuable time that you surely do not have excess, but you will also have at hand a wide range of possibilities (airlines, prices, services, etc.) to choose from.

Put your price alert

Many pages of comparators and other airlines give the possibility of create price alerts in case they go down, notify us via email or sms to our mobile. In this way we will not have to be constantly aware of whether the price of that flight we want has dropped or not. And if your concern is another: a greater offer of destinations, on specific dates, or popular destinations on more flexible dates, you will also have the opportunity in search engines such as Kayak, Por ejemplo.

Bet on flexibility

If you do not have a specific and fixed date to fly and you can take advantage of several available dates, it is the best thing that can happen to you if what you want is to save. In this way, choosing flexible days, days above and below the selected date or even changing the month, you can save a good spike in your flight rates. It is now in summer, when we most realize the variety of prices that exist and the difference between these between flying one month or another. Who would invent the low, medium and high season?

Opt for cheaper but equally beautiful and exotic destinations

If we search on any flight page for the destinations of Rome, Paris, Berlin or New York, it is logical and normal that they come out at a good peak, since they are the most sought after destinations by people and companies take advantage of that. However, there are also quite beautiful and exotic destinations but very little known they are really cheap to fly into them. For example, do cities like Timisoara or Lamezia Terme sound familiar to you? They may not be Milan or Barcelona, ​​but they do also have their charms to see and we assure you that the amount of difference savings between one city and another is overwhelming.

With the money that it can cost you to travel to a well-known place, you can make two and up to three trips to less sought after places but just as beautiful.

As a note, we will also say that there are search engines and price comparators that, setting the budget for the trip we want to make, offer us some destinations or others. This tool is a good way to adjust 100% to the budget that we had planned in advance and thus not look at more "succulent" options but little feasible (at least for the moment).

Calculate the extra fees

On many occasions, looking for the desired flight, we have come across super cheap prices that seemed unreal from the beginning. And so unreal they were! Because then when it came to paying the total, including taxes, it got out of hand and they were almost similar or 100% equal to those prices that we canceled from the beginning for being excessive.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to everything when buying a flight: in the different Tasas that they put you, in the luggage, both by hand and to bill, and finally, what they charge us for paying with one card or another.

You have to look at everything when buying airline tickets. Don't give us a hoot!

And finally, we want to ask you: With which airlines have you made the best flights? And with which are the worst? Counting our experience we can help each other.

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