Tips for making the most of a long flight

Long flights

The flights that take us to the other side of the world are usually long. Those flights of eight hours or more They can be highly tedious for the vast majority of passengers, and many take it as a real penance. However, as we cannot escape those hours of flight to reach our destination, what we must do is take it with philosophy and make the best of everything.

We are going to give you some tips to make the most of one of those long flights of more than eight hours if you are going to board one of them. If we are prepared, with the entertainment and all the details to be at home, without a doubt it will not seem so bad and we will not mind repeating the experience.

Choose a good seat

On the vast majority of flights they let you reserve the seat in which you are going to go for the entire flight. Obviously, this depends a lot on what you are looking for. If you want to enjoy the views, choose one next to the window, to enjoy a bit of tranquility, better in the middle, to avoid the bathrooms or the staff area. If you want more space, those next to the emergency exits and also those in the corridors, which will allow you to move more freely. According to what are your prioritiesYou will choose one seat or another, but you must be careful to do so before the ones you want run out.

Before the flight

Before the flight is good to stretch and activate circulation. If we can do sports the day before, much better, since we will be much more relaxed, with a better body. If we are one of those who like disciplines such as yoga or Pilates, there is nothing better to take care of our back and muscles, so we must do some stretching before leaving home. No copious meals, better light ones, so as not to feel unwell, and drink what is necessary, so as not to spend the flight wanting to go to the bathroom.

Move during the flight

Circulation problems are the ones that most affect those who make long flights. We are sitting for many hours and this makes let's have numb legs. It is good for our health to move at least every half hour taking a walk down the hall or going to the bathroom. We can also do exercises by moving the muscles and stretching so that the circulation flows better or by massaging. If we have circulation problems, we can use compression stockings that will help us with return circulation.

Accessories to be comfortable

Sleep on the plane

To enjoy a good trip we must also take a few accessories that can be quite useful. The cervical pillows They are quite an invention, because they allow us to take great naps in a sitting position without our neck hurting or our head falling all over the place, so we must buy one. In addition, the ear plugs, so that we can rest in silence, or we can also take an mp3 with relaxing music to help us fall asleep. The mask is another great invention for this type of flight, since this way we will be able to sleep better even if there is clarity.

Something to nibble on

On these flights we usually have several meals and they pass with snacks, but we can also take something in our hand luggage. If it is true that they have variety, we know what we like the most, so we can take some of that, without going too heavy, to spend a more entertaining flight. You can bring something to snack on, some hunger-busting nuts or snacks.

Choose your meals well

Long flights

If you have any allergy or intolerance Let us know beforehand so you don't have problems during the flight. There is nothing worse than being unwell on board a plane for hours. And if you still have doubts, always ask about the ingredients in the meals so as not to make mistakes.

Hydrate inside and out

Hydration is very important even if it doesn't seem like it to us. Yes, we are dehydrated our head hurts and we also tend to get dizzy, nauseous, and feel tired. We can attribute these symptoms to other things, but the truth is that on a plane for so many hours it is easy not to remember to drink. It is better to put aside exciting drinks such as coffee or tea and opt for others such as water or natural juices.

Hydration on the outside is also important so as not to notice skin problems due to the drier air in the cabin. We can carry a bottle of water to vaporize. Carrying a skin moisturizer can also be a good idea.

Choose your clothes well

A small detail that must be taken into account is that we must choose the clothes well. We want to go well everywhere, but in this case it must prioritize comfort. Loose clothing, which does not oppress us, as it would worsen circulation, and comfortable shoes are essential.

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