Tips to prepare your suitcase for a trip


One of the things we almost always leave for the last moment when going on a trip is to prepare the suitcase. It seems to us something that is done quickly and choosing four things, but at the moment of truth we realize that we have to think about many details if we do not want to reach our destination having forgotten something important at home.

We will give you some tips for prepare the suitcase for the trip, especially considering that it is better to carry the basics than not to overdo it. Many people have the fault of forgetting things, but there are also those who fill their suitcase with too many things and finally have to carry it the whole trip without it being really useful.

Suitcase size

The size of the suitcase is something important. We already know that in low cost companies if we carry the right size we save on checking in, but these suitcases are only for small trips. In the event that we leave for fifteen days or more, it is likely that we will have to get a large suitcase for which we will have to check-in. We must think about this in advance, and if we are one of those who travel a lot, then we will have several suitcases at home. Anyway, before choosing one or going to buy it, it is better to read the luggage conditions of the airline in question to buy one that has the appropriate measures.

How many days are we going to travel


This is important because you know the amount of things that we are going to carry. If we limit ourselves to the right thing then we will not occupy so much in the suitcase, but it is true that many people fill another half with the 'just in case'. It is good to prevent situations but in principle there is a list with the days we go and if we need something special, such as swimsuits because we go to the beach, warm clothes if we go to a cold place, or even rain. Knowing the climate of the place we are going to previously can also condition us when packing. We will have to check a few days before to know the time we are going to have.

List of daily looks

One thing that can help us make a perfect suitcase is to think about our daily looks in advance. This is an easy way to get it all planned out and avoid feared 'just in case' that sometimes fill our suitcase. Every day a look and if possible choose garments that are versatile to be able to repeat jackets and footwear. This will also help us save time once we arrive at the place, since we will have the looks designed and we can order the clothes for each day.

List of essentials

Prepare suitcase

When we have the clothes fully organized and thought out, we will lack a list of essentials to have everything ready. This list includes things like the mobile phone, documentation, chargers or plugs and all those belongings and details that we are going to need. On as for documentation You have to make sure in advance that you have everything up to date, the ID, the passport if necessary and the health coverage. When we make a list of essentials we have to think about everything we are going to do and if we will need extra things such as sunscreen, a hat for the sun or a scarf and gloves for the cold. Also if you have to wear walking shoes or a gala look for a special day. If we already have the excursions and activities scheduled we will already know exactly what we need, otherwise we will have to use a little imagination to visualize what we will have to do.

Beauty products

When creating a toiletry bag it is best to buy one that is transparent, because it is mandatory to carry liquid products like this nowadays. In addition, it is always advisable when packing to leave this in an area that we can easily reach. At some airports, although not at all, they ask us to remove these products to pass them separately through the control, so if they are in the bottom of the suitcase, we will have to undo everything and mess up everything we carry.

Electronic gadgets

Another thing we must know is that if we carry an electronic gadget, such as an ebook or a laptop, we will have to take it out of the suitcase to pass it separately in the control, such as cosmetics and liquids. It is not done in all airports but it is done in many of them, so we give you the same advice that you take it in a place at hand or also in a separate bag to take care of these gadgets and that nothing happens to them during the trip.

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