Towns of Soria

The towns of Soria belong to the so-called "Depopulated Spain" but they have not lost their appeal for that. In fact, some of these towns are among the most beautiful in our country and they deserve you to visit them.

These are towns with a splendid past such as Medinaceli, scene of legendary battles like Calatañazor or located in impossible natural environments that defy gravity such as Rello. Precisely the beauty of its landscapes and the grandeur of its monuments are the main attractions that the towns of Soria offer you. If you want to know them, we encourage you to keep reading.

Villages of Soria, a journey back in time

So much monumental heritage is home to the towns of Soria that visiting them is like travel in time. We can't show you all in one article. But rest assured that the ones we are going to see are in their own right among the most beautiful in the Soria province.

Burgo de Osma

Ancient Episcopal City and Historic Artistic Set Since 1993, Burgo de Osma offers you a beautiful Plaza Mayor XNUMXth century. But you must also visit its spectacular Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, with its impressive Gothic portal. Equally beautiful is the Old Hospital of San Agustín, which replicates the model of the Alcázares de los Austrias.

San Agustín Hospital

Old Hospital of San Agustín

Moreover, the Santa Catalina University It is a beautiful Plateresque building that has now been converted into a hotel. And, on the outskirts of the town you have the remains of a castle that dominates the area from a watchtower. The church of Santa Cristina It is a beautiful Romanesque building and the Seminary of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is a neoclassical work due to Francesco Sabatini.

But one of the symbols of Burgo de Osma is the Monkey fountain, which you can reach through arcaded streets that frame houses of popular architecture. And the villa also has a Roman bridge on the river Ucero. Finally, this town is part of the route of the Route of the Cid, specifically of the section baptized as 'El Desierro'.

Calatañazor, a legendary battle

The small town of Calatañazor is also one of the most beautiful towns in Soria, but it owes its fame to the legendary battle in which, according to the saying, "Almanzor lost his drum". Although there is no certainty that there was such a fight between the Muslim leader's troops and those of Sancho García, it seems certain that Almanzor ended up fleeing and died in the nearby town of Medinaceli, which we will talk about later.

Anecdotes aside, Calatañazor has a beautiful monumental heritage. His castle, not very well preserved and dating from the fourteenth century. But, above all, their own town houses, of medieval construction and located in cobbled streets. We also advise you to see in this town frozen in time the churches of San Juan and Nuestra Señora del Castillo.

But Calatañazor is equally famous for its Sabinar, an impressive juniper forest that forms one of the main natural reserves in the province of Soria.

View of Calatañazor


Berlanga de Duero, a wonderful natural environment

Berlanga also has an impressive natural space. It is about the Altos de Barahona a great wasteland of calcareous rock and with endemic species that has been declared Place of Community Interest y Special Protection Area for Birds.

Along with this natural wonder, Berlanga de Duero offers you a spectacular castle from the XNUMXth century with its walls. And you can also visit the no less beautiful Collegiate Church of Santa María del Mercado, of Renaissance invoice although the altarpiece of the Altar Mayor is Churrigueresque; the Palace of the Marquis of Berlanga, equally Renaissance; the Paredes Albas convent and Hermitage of Our Lady of Solitude.

Medinaceli, another jewel among the towns of Soria

In our tour of the towns of Soria, we arrive at Medinaceli, which combines monumental heritage and impressive natural spaces. This authentic gem has important Roman remains such as the triple arch and mosaics in St. Peter's Square.

But it also has a precious Plaza Mayor with the Ducal Palace Renaissance style and Alhóndiga XNUMXth century. The spectacular Collegiate Church of Santa María de la Asunción, the remains of a castle and convent of Santa Isabel.

The Ducal Palace of Medinaceli

Ducal Palace of Medinaceli

Also, in the surroundings of Medinaceli is the Layna wasteland, Which is also Place of Community Interest y Special Protection Area for Birds. But, in addition, in this moor is the paleontological site of Pelado Hill, dated to the Lower Pliocene.

Rello, an impossible location

This town is not as well known as the previous ones, but it is still worth a visit. Is a walled medieval village which is located on top of a cliff. Therefore, all of it is a monument. In fact it holds the title of A Cultural. But they highlight the church of Our Lady of the Assumption hermitage of Las Angustias and Tiñón tower, a XNUMXth century watchtower that guarded the passage through the Duero River.

Yanguas, a surprise among the towns of Soria

Even less common than the previous one in the tourist circuits is Yanguas, which, however, is an authentic marvel. Surrounded by the imposing natural space of the Banks of the Cidacos river and tributaries, in the Sierra de Cameros, Yanguas has a precious monumental heritage.

It is made up of his castle, a medieval fortress from the XNUMXth century; the gates of the River and the Villa, remains of the old wall, and the church of San Lorenzo, a late Gothic marvel. But also the church of Santa Maria, built in the XNUMXth century; the Town Hall of the XVIII; the San Miguel tower and medieval bridge on the Cidacos river.

The River Gate

Yanguas River Gate

On the other hand, in the surroundings of Yanguas interesting paleontological areas such as that of The Muga, where you can see a deposit of dinosaur footprints.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the most beautiful towns in Soria. But there are many others like Magana, with its castle of Nava del Marqués and its Gothic church of San Martín de Tours; Oncala, whose church of San Millán houses an impressive collection of ten Flemish tapestries, or Vinuesa, with its Roman bridge and its spectacular Black Lagoon. Don't you feel like touring this beautiful Spanish province?


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