Irish traditions

Irish traditions

Ireland, known as the Republic of Ireland stands out for a marked culture and tradition. Its capital is in Dublin, but there are other important cities such as Cork, Limerick or Galway. In this case we are going to talk about the traditions of Ireland, since it is a country that attracts attention for some of them, such as St. Patrick's Day.

When we talk about Ireland we talk about an island proud of its culture and traditions. Although centuries ago it was all unified to the United Kingdom, at present only the northern part belongs to it, which has also led to many conflicts. But beyond its history there are many things that characterize this land.

Saint Patrick's day

St. Patrick

You can't talk about Ireland without talking about St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated almost all over the world today. This day has its origin in a Christian holiday and aims to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is celebrated on March 17 and everything is adorned with the typical strong green that is associated with this day. It is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, so it is a good day to enjoy the festivities if we are on the island. One of the most famous parades takes place in the capital, Dublin, and the festivities usually last several days. Everywhere we will see the shamrock that symbolizes the teachings of the Holy Trinity that Saint Patrick brought to Ireland and that today is linked to the image of Ireland.

The Leprechauns


On the other hand, it is possible to see people dressed up in green costumes and as leprechauns on the feast of Saint Patrick, because everything is linked to Irish traditions. These leprechauns are leprechauns that belong to Irish mythology and that they are always dressed in a typical green suit and with a characteristic hat. These characters are part of some popular tales that have entertained generations and are said to hide gold, hence they are sometimes characterized with a pot of gold.

Traditional weddings in Ireland

Irish weddings

In this country too there are traditions around the wedding ceremony. An Irish wedding has certain steps that are traditional and that are far from the weddings we are used to. Tying the knot is a very beautiful tradition in which the couple put their hands together while reciting words in which they swear to be together. At the same time, whoever leads the ceremony ties their hands with a colorful ribbon that will symbolize that union. There was also the tradition of wearing a horseshoe that was lucky but that today has sometimes been transformed into a horseshoe symbol worn by the bride. It is also said that on the wedding day goose will be cooked in the house of the bride and that the bride and groom have to eat salt and oatmeal at the beginning of the banquet to be lucky.

Hurling, Irish sport


East sport is of Celtic origin And it may not sound familiar in our country, but there it is quite important. It is played with a ball and a stick or stick that is similar to hockey but wider. You can run carrying the ball on the ground, supported by the stick or in your hand, but in the latter case you can only take three steps with it. Another of the sports in Ireland that has more and more followers is Gaelic football, a kind of game between the football we know and rugby.

Irish music and dance

Can't go to Ireland without enjoying its typical music and dances. This folk music is known in many places as Celtic style music. There are many sounds and melodies that have been preserved throughout the centuries. In Ireland we should also look for some Irish dance show with traditional dances.



Bloomsday is not one of those traditions that have to do with the Celts and that go back centuries old but it is there and it is becoming more and more important. The June 16 is when this holiday is celebrated, since 1954, in which homage is paid to the character of the novel Ulysses by James Joyce. One of the traditions is to eat the same as the protagonist that day. But he's also focused on following in Dublin's footsteps. There are several meetings in the city of people who also dress up for this occasion.

Pubs and Guinness

There is another thing that can be a whole tradition in the Irish way of life. If you visit Dublin you cannot miss the Temple Bar, where you can enjoy the typical Irish pubs, places to enjoy music, conversation and of course a good Guinness, the beer par excellence.

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