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Cruise tips

Un cruise trip It is an experience that almost everyone would want to live. It is a different journey by sea, on a large cruise ship full of entertainment, stopping at various ports where we can see beautiful coastal cities. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after trips for both couples and entire families.

Cruises allow you to enjoy many services and entertainment while one relaxes with the sea views. But it is also that these cruises have a wide itinerary in which they stop at different ports so that travelers can enjoy coastal cities. So we are going to give you a few tips if it is your first cruise.

Cruise insurance

Cruises travel

On cruise ships you must To take out insurance to travel where we have certain contingencies covered. The insurance must cover medical assistance on board, the acquisition of medicines, the transfer to a hospital if necessary and the stay in said hospital. These insurances can also cover other things, such as the advance of money in case of loss, the anticipated return for serious problems or other problems that may arise during the cruise. We must look at the types of insurance that we have at our disposal to see which is the best for us when making the cruise.

Luggage on the cruise

If we are going to catch a plane beforehand we will always have to adapt to the luggage requirements. On low cost trips in which we do not want to pay check-in, the suitcases are smaller to take them in the cabin, but we may want to take something else if it is a rather long cruise.

In luggage it is recommended to carry high factor sunscreen, as well as a hat for the sun and clothes for the rain, since we can find all kinds of meteorological circumstances. You should also wear elegant clothes for certain times of the trip, when there are usually gala dinners, and comfortable clothes for excursions in the ports, with comfortable shoes.

Documentation kit

It is good to carry a folder with the main documentation. The DNI, Passport, health card or travel insurance, as well as travel information, account number and contact numbers for emergencies that may arise. If there is any medical information such as allergies we must also bring something for the record.


Medications that are not covered by insurance are usually expensive on board, so the ideal is to carry a small first-aid kit with basic things. Pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, motion sickness pills, pills for digestive problems are some of the essentials that we should take. In addition, of course, the medication we are taking if necessary.

Duty free

On the ship there are usually duty free shops where you can buy only while we are sailing. When arriving at port the stores are closed. In these stores we can buy products tax free Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the alcoholic beverages that we drink will be delivered on the last day of disembarkation.


Inland cruise

It is good to arrive with some time so as not to wait in long lines. The ideal is carry hand luggage with the necessary documentation and tickets. In the handbag we can also carry the medication and some changes, since sometimes the luggage has been lost and the problem is even solved.

If we enter early we will be able to see the areas of the ship and explore a bit in a calm way so as not to see ourselves with too many people. You always have to tag suitcases first and pass the control. Then we can see the ship in which we are going to enjoy the cruise.

Enjoy on board

Every day they will pass you a program with activities and excursions or stops to be made, plus some tips to enjoy. It is good to clear all the doubts that we may have about meals or dinner shifts and events on the first day. In the reception area we can look for information about anything we have doubts about.

In general, tips are already included in the onboard prices, although there are those who want to give them the same. That is a personal choice, although they are not required. If we also want to celebrate something special on board we can tell the staff so we can do something special.

Companies that rules of the board they are simple. You have to do the safety drill to evacuate the boat, as it is mandatory. You have to be attentive to the instructions to act well if necessary. On the other hand, we can always ask questions or make complaints to staff to resolve incidents. On the boats there are usually spaces enabled for smoking.

Excursions and ports

When arriving at the port we can do several things. Some people book excursions with the shipping company, but the prices are usually higher, because they are also the ones that disembark first. Similar excursions can be booked online with other companies at a better price, but we will disembark later. On the other hand, we can go without anything organized to get to know the city or stay on the boat. What you do have to be very clear about is boarding time, since the cruise ship does not wait for those who are left behind.

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