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Travel more - Pack your bags

Today I am not bringing you an article where I tell you which are the best places and places to rest; today I do not bring you a series of spectacular mountains to see at least once in your life; today I do not tell you either which are those most dangerous places in the world to travel today… Because among other things, is there a safe place today? (Given what is falling, I would venture to say no.)

Today I give you reasons why to aim "Travel more" as priority among the purposes for next year that comes in. They say that literature, clinging to good readings, is the most economical means for those of us who cannot travel more often and who nevertheless do not want to stop discovering new places, having new experiences ... But sometimes reading falls short, and It is said by one who always has a book or two on her nightstand or in her purse.

Don't get too attached to your comfort zone and get out! Expand, meet, discover, ... Travel!

Reasons to travel more

  • The main reason to travel more is that just like this you will know new places.
  • The second reason, and perhaps the most necessary, due to the stress we are subjected to on a daily basis, is that traveling is the best way to disconnect. Disconnect from everything that worries you and the daily routine that suffocates, to return more relaxed / and with well-charged batteries.
  • Traveling you will have time to think and reflect. By disconnecting, discovering new places, you are given the opportunity to stop and think. Thinking about you and your life, what is right or wrong with it. Usually in a rush, we don't have time to stop to think and reflect. Traveling yes.
  • Meet people. We are sociable beings by nature, and meeting new people, people with different ideologies, experiences or customs can make you a more tolerant, empathetic and much more open person with the world in general.

Travel more - Meet people

  • Serves you as inspiration. There are writers who are only inspired if they travel or if they move during their writing time to a specific point on the map ... If your profession is artistic (painter, photographer, writer, etc.) traveling will serve to inspire you, it will give you one more point creative…
  • Test new gastronomy. Leave for a few days, hopefully a few weeks, leave behind the lentils, chickpeas and the delicious potato tortillas (they will still be there when you return) and try new foods, new flavors ... Try real Mexican food, exotic Indian food with its many spices, the rich Italian food with its fresh pasta, ...

authentic mexican barbecue, carnitas and chicken tacos

  • Rest and relax: We all deserve a break, we all deserve to relax from time to time. Not everything is going to be working, not everything is going to be meeting obligations or commitments ... Give yourself that rest and you will come much more animated, with a different vision of everything, with more strength to move forward and with a much more positive and calm spirit .
  • Discover authentic natural jewels and beautiful man-made constructions: What about the possibility of knowing the Iguazu Falls in Argentina? And the beautiful monument to love popularly known as the Taj Mahal in India? And the immense pyramids of Egypt and all the history that surrounds them? There are countless places that I could recommend at this point, but surely you, like me, have that list of places in the world pending to discover, right?

Travel more - Pyramids of Egypt

I could go on giving you many more reasons: such as that you fulfill your dream of traveling to that much desired point on the map, that of go out and have funThat of travel with your partner to that place that you mentioned so much when you met, etc ... But only your will and desire to travel more will make you take that step. Of course, when you give it, your main savings each year will be destined to new trips, and perhaps a little less to new clothes.

Traveling is gaining experiences, and the experiences remain in the memory, they are not diluted as something material. Traveling makes you grow as a person, makes you see everything from another perspective.

Travel more - Save

Phrases and quotes

And if I haven't convinced you yet, maybe they can:

  • «He who is used to traveling knows that it is always necessary to leave someday» (Paulo Coelho).
  • "You travel not to seek your destination but to flee from where you start" (Miguel de Unamuno).
  • «I do not travel to go somewhere, but to go. For the fact of traveling. The question is to move » (Robert Louis Stevenson).
  • "We travel to change, not our place but our ideas" (Hipolito Taine).
  • "Traveling is a good way to learn and overcome fears" (Luis Rojas Marcos).
  • "Riding, traveling and moving places recreate the mood" (Seneca).
  • "Traveling is essential and the thirst for travel, a clear symptom of intelligence" (Enrique Jardiel Poncela).
  • "The trips serve to get to know the customs of the different peoples and to shed the prejudice that it is only one's own homeland one can live in the way one is accustomed" (Descartes).
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