Travel safely in your car and with your pet

Traveling with your pet

How many times have we wanted to travel with our pet but have only found obstacles to do so? Hotels, hostels and / or apartments that prohibit the entry of animals, high prices by companies for transporting them in the selected means of transport, your pet that is reluctant to travel by car and it tends to get quite fatigued, etc ... Many times, it is all problems that accumulate making it impractical or almost impossible to travel with our little "furry".

Well, in Travel News we want to break with some of these problems, or at least one. Today we tell you how to take your pet in your car and travel safely with it. Do not miss any of the tips that from the Affinity Foundation present us. Who better than them to advise us on our animals?

Recommendations for traveling with our pets

There are many pets that stay on the street year after year when the summer season arrives. The good weather arrives, we have vacations and we do not know how to take them with us is no excuse to leave them abandoned. From now on, it will be less so with this article. These are the recommendations that are made to travel safely with our pet in the car:

  • Have all your documentation in order. If you travel through any Spanish city with your pet, you must have the official health card of this in order. It must be updated and stamped by the corresponding collegiate veterinarian. If, on the other hand, you move through Europe, in addition to this card, you must also carry the Passport for Domestic Animals.
  • Avoid your pet's anxiety and dizziness. According to the vet Armand Tabernero, «The dog must be fasting for a minimum of two hours before the trip. It is necessary to give only fresh water and to administer an antihemetic to prevent vomiting and dizziness. To alleviate anxiety, there are natural medications such as valerian or passionflower that do not cause side effects. Even so, the most advisable thing is to take him to your trusted veterinarian, tell him that we are going to take a trip with him and he will recommend something to avoid these possible dizziness.
  • Use a carrier, harness or rack to protect your dog. This should never go loose. This is a tip to take it quite seriously since in addition to the fact that it comes in the traffic regulations, having our dog loose in the car can lead to serious problems for both the animal and us. The minor problem that could cause having our dog loose in the car while we travel is a possible fine, which is already a lot. Do not put your health or that of your pet at risk just by not looking for a way to take it properly in time. The carrier is the best solution, but you can also use a harness or a rack.
  • Roll down the windows, turn on the air conditioning, but never let your dog look out the window. Although it is a beautiful picture to go with your dog on vacation while it sticks its head out, you should know that it can cause otitis and / or conjunctivitis. You must be ventilated but with the dog always inside the car completely.

  • Make stops every so often. Making stops every so often is not only good to stretch the legs but also so that your dog can relieve himself on time and without causing possible startles inside the car. Park in a shady area if possible and make stops every hour and a half to two hours for the duration of your journey.
  • Give it a reward when you reach your destination. Dogs associate being good with a treat if they are used to it. So if your dog has behaved well during the trip, you can reward him when he reaches your destination.

Now that you know these recommendations for traveling with your dog, you have no excuse not to. A trip with our beloved pet can be very exciting, especially if you are used to it and do not miss the usual places. Good trip!


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