Travel to Portugal by car

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Traveling to Portugal by car is one of the most interesting ways to get to know the neighboring country. It is a highly recommended destination for a getaway, whether as a couple, as a family or with friends. It has big and old cities, charming little towns, spectacular beaches and wonderful forests. As if that were not enough, Portugal is a country that can be perfectly covered by taking routes by car.

So if you are planning a trip to the Portuguese country, you want to know how to drive there, what documentation to carry in the car or what are the regulations to travel in Portugal, we advise you to keep reading because then we are going to talk about everything I'm more.

Traffic regulations

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The regulations for traveling to Portugal by car are very similar to the Spanish traffic regulations. For example, it is mandatory for adults to wear a seat belt, while children under 12 years of age and less than 135 cm tall must travel in vehicles with approved seat belts and restraint systems. These vary depending on the weight and height of the child as in Spain.

As is the case in almost all European Union countries, the use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, unless a hands-free system is used.

Regarding speed limits, there is not much difference between the Portuguese and the Spanish: 120 km / h for motorways and highways, 100 or 90 for secondary roads and 50 within the city.

The Portuguese have a very strict policy when it comes to alcohol on the road. The maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood is 0,05%. In the case of professionals and novice drivers, this rate is reduced to 0,2 g / l (0,1 mg / l in exhaled air).

Documentation to travel to Portugal by car

Regarding the documentation necessary to travel to Portugal by car, it is essential to drive with a driving license, an insured car and a valid ITV. It is also recommended to bring the receipt of the last payment of the vehicle insurance, accident reports from the insurance company and the Green Card, a document that allows you to prove in different countries that we have mandatory civil liability insurance and that we can request from our insurance.

Other mandatory elements to travel to Portugal by car are the reflective vest and the signaling triangles, whose use is similar to that of Spain.

Portuguese tolls

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With regard to toll roads, they are poorly signposted, so it is not difficult to get into one without noticing. The toll roads in Portugal are numerous. When planning our trip it will be advisable to also review our route to see if we enter one of these highways, see what toll system they use, and choose the best form of payment.

For tourists traveling to Portugal by car, it is best to opt for the Easy Toll or the Toll Card, which associate the vehicle's registration with a credit or prepaid card. They can be purchased at gas stations, post offices or at offices called Welcome Points.

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