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The world has many beautiful islands and the Caribbean Sea it concentrates a good amount of paradises. For example, Islas Caimán, a British territory located between Jamaica and the Yucatan Peninsula, well known for being a tax haven where companies and millionaires dodge taxes.

But the Cayman Islands have their tourist treasures, so today we are going to know what they are, their landscapes, their culture ...

Islas Caimán

The islands there are three in total and they are in the west of the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and northeast of Honduras. It's about the Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The capital is the city of George Town, on Grand Cayman.

The islands are believed to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503 on his last voyage. Columbus baptized them Las Tortugas, because of the large population of these animals, although there were also alligators and it is said that, from here, the name they have today. Archaeologists have found no remains that were inhabited before European settlement, but it cannot be ruled out.

Then the islands were Destinations of pirates, merchants and deserters from Cromwel's army, which by then ruled England. England was left with the islands, along with Jamaica, after the signing of the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. Although at that time it was a paradise for pirates. Later, the slave trade changed the fate of the islands when thousands were brought from Africa.

For a long time the Cayman Islands were under the tutelage of Jamaica, until 1962 when Jamaica became independent. Some years before the international airport was built on the islands, so that was attracting tourism. Then the banks, the hotels and the cruise port appeared. Historically the Cayman Islands have been a duty free destination. There is an untrue story that tells of a shipwreck that the islanders rescued. The legend says that in the rescue they saved a member of the English crown and that is why the king promised never to tax ...

The islands are peaks of an underwater mountain range, the Cayman Range or Cayman Rise. They are about 700 kilometers from Miami and only 366 from Cuba. Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the trio. The three islands were formed by corals that covered mountain peaks from the Ice Age, remnants of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba. Its climate is tropical wet and dry.

There is a wet season from May to October and a rainless season from November to April. There are no big changes in temperature, but dangerous cyclones are those that cross the Atlantic from June to November.

Cayman Islands Tourism

Let's start with the island Grand Cayman. The beautiful Seven Mile Beachs is in the Top 3 of destinations because it concentrates many hotels and resorts. This is one coral beach on the west coast of the island, beautiful. It is a public beach that can be explored on foot and that despite its name is about 10 kilometers long. Another coastal destination is North Sound, home of stingrays.

George Town It is an interesting city with traditional architecture, duty free shops, exclusive brands for the wealthiest but also handicraft shops and local products. Crossing the island to the east you can visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park or Blue Iguanass. To know the local history there is the National Museum of the Cayman Islands, Rum Point and its diving possibilities and its casuarina trees, the Pedro St Jame Castles, the oldest building on the islands, or Bodden town, the first island city.

Cayman Brac is the best destination if you like the nature and not the duty-free shops. The island has stone caves to know, there are sinkholes to do snorkeling and diving, Even with a sunken ship, there are the green forests of the island, a beautiful home to exotic birds, lined with paths to enjoy hiking ... Here you can get there by plane, in half an hour, from Grand Cayman.

Meanwhile Little Cayman is a remote island, which is only 16 kilometers long and a kilometer and a half wide. It is a super quiet destination, with deserted beachess, palm trees that move with the wind, clear waters ... You can rent a bike or scooter to explore it, swim in the warm waters of South Hole Sound Lagoon, visit the reserve Natural Booby Pond, with thousands of birds, stroll between reefs or swim in the Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park.

Here there is one 1500 meter drop so it's a magnet for divers, plus the Marine life fabulous that hides in the depths where there are no shortage of rays, sharks and turtles. You can also dare to paddle a bit in the kayak and reach the Owen Island, something like the unrecognized Cayman Island.

How can we organize a visit to the Cayman Islands? Well, 10 days can be a good start if you want to spend time in Grand Cayman and try two or three days on another island. For destination of Honey moonHe's great as there are horseback riding on the beach, private dinners, and spa sessions at all the hotels. Speaking of hotels, you can choose the option all - inlusive and others have food and drink plans that you pay for separately.

To visit the Cayman Islands It is not necessary to process a visa. If you are citizens of Mexico, Brazil or Argentina, neither. Y no vaccinations are needed, for now. We will see later what happens with the Covid. It is true that the bulk of tourism comes from the United States but you can also arrive by plane from Cuba and from Honduras. Once on the islands you can make use of public transport, buses, taxis, car rental ... To jump between the islands yes or yes you have to travel by plane, Cayman Airways Express.

Of course, keep in mind that here you drive on the left lane, good English. What is the currency of the Cayman Islands? The Caymanian dollar, although US dollars are accepted as well. The exchange rate is for 1 US dollar 0.80 CI $ cents. Well, we hope this information helps you think of the Cayman Islands as a possible vacation destination.

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