Journey to the Valley of Nuria

Spain It has incredible destinations and if you like nature and outdoor tourism then you can go to the province of Gerona, in Catalonia, and visit the Nuria Valley. It is a beautiful and green valley that is about two thousand meters of altitude and keeps the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Nuria.

It is a place that you can visit both in summer and winter, so if you still haven't planned your winter holidays or your Christmas getaway, what do you think of this Spanish postcard?

The Valley of Nuria

As we said, it is about two thousand meters above sea levelr, in the Girona Pyrenees, in the municipality of Querabls, Ripollés region. It is the easternmost ski resort around here and really, if you like the family atmosphere It is a very good and recommended winter destination.

Before the ski resort was built, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Nuria. The tradition says that S, a XNUMXth century cenobite born in Athens who came to Spain and became abbot, traveled these lands for four years and carved the image of the virgin that he hid inside a cave when he had to flee from the Arabs. His cross was left there, the bell he used to call his shepherds and the pot in which he cooked.

Years later, in 1072, the first pilgrim arrived from Dalmatia, looking for that virgin, and ended up building a chapel. Obvious he ended up finding the cross, the pot and the bell and took everything to the little church. Here the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Nuria was born.

Today the cross that is venerated is actually a XNUMXth or XNUMXth century carving, in Romanesque style and in wood, with the Virgin and Child on his knee. There is also a pot and a bell and tradition indicates that women who want to have children place their heads under the pot and ring the bell. One ring for each desired child. A) Yes, the Virgin of Nuria is considered a patron of fertility and since the 80s of the XNUMXth century it is also skiers patron.

Although there were other constructions, the current church dates from 1911, later the hotel and the route of the Via Cruxis were built. Throughout the XNUMXth century, the political ups and downs of Spain altered the future of the region and the image of the Virgin traveled to France and later to Switzerland to escape the attacks of the militiamen.

The truth is that today the complex has the church, the hotel and some other houses that house the pilgrims. You can only get here using the Funicular-Rack Railway from the FGC Group, taking it from Ribes de Freser or from Queralbs. It was inaugurated in 1931 and had some later extensions.

We will only travel twelve kilometers crossing a slope of a thousand meters nothing more and the trip is divine, especially the image you have when you arrive with the lake, the mountains and the sanctuary, all together.

The rates? They depend on the origin and destination, for example: Nuria / Querbals and Núria / Ribes cost around 25 euros round trip and 16 euros for the one-way trip. If you are a minor or over 64, the rates are lower. There are season tickets and the cable car costs 3 euros if you already have the train ticket.

And if yours is not him day trip then you can stay overnight at the Sanctuary- Ski resortí. The valley's ski resort is called Vall de Nuria and has eleven ski slopes alpine and one for sleds. It is very close to Barcelona and Girona, just an hour and a half away by car. The base of the ski resort is about 1900 meters above sea level in a valley and has 7 kilometers of slopes in total.

What to do in the Núria Valley

You can go to ski but you can also do other things. If skiing is your thing, you will be amazed at how well organized everything is. When you get off the train you have a picnic area where the lockers and changing rooms to change and the store to rent the equipment if you don't have it. Also the snowboard and ski school and public services.

From there you go to the La Pala chairlift that takes you straight to the highest part of the station and there is also the Coma del Clot gondola that leaves you at the Pic de l'Àliga Hostel. They are the means of transport of the station.

The longest track in the Vall de Núria is Les Creus, which is 1752 meters long and has a drop of about 300 meters. You can also go down Mulleres, a red category track but one kilometer long and not as easy as the other.

Also, for experts, there is the Pala Bestia track, a black category, which begins and ends in the same place as the other two but has a dizzying incline at the top. Another black track is Pala Boja and the two other red tracks are Del Bac and Soleia, softer and not so direct. Yes there are other intermediate tracks.

Stopping for a while at the Pic de l´Àliga Hostel is a must because the views are wonderful. Over here is also the snowpark and somewhat away from this point is the area for beginners. The green runs are those of Eina and Finestrelles, about 400 meters or so, and there is the Roc Malé run of just one hundred meters.

The truth is that in addition to skiing you can do snowshoe circuits, ice diving, archery, sleigh rides, zip lines, miniature golf, gondola rides, horse or pony tours, a farm, hiking, boat or canoe trips on the lake...

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