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Typical Ecuadorian clothing in women

Ecuador is a country located in the Andean region, it is home to a rich culture and tradition, which will also end up being reflected in the typical clothing that is still in force in several towns. Do you know what the typical costumes of Ecuador?

If the great variety of typical Ecuadorian costumes is reviewed, perhaps the case of the clothing typical of the Otavalos region It is seen the use of a wide blue blanket that covers the body and that is held with an embroidered sash at the waist, apart from accessories such as gold necklaces and bracelets are used. The hair is also always well tied, forming a tail.

Party dress in Ecuador

In the Andean region of Saraguro we will be able to find the use of ponchos, which generally have dark tones with a preponderance of black, a symbol of power, which contrasts with the use of white hats and large leather straps.

In the jungle region of Ecuador you can find great similarity with what is on the other side of the border with Peru, where you can see the presence of colorful necklaces thanks to the use of feathersIn addition, you usually see loincloths or dresses whose greater detail is in the graphics that are made on it.

But, do you want to know more about the typical costumes of Ecuador? Do not lose detail!

Typical Ecuadorian costumes more traditional

Different styles by different cultures

Amazon clothing, one of the typical costumes of Ecuador

The most traditional typical Ecuadorian costumes are still very popular among Ecuadorian society, in fact there are some ethnic groups that still buy and sell traditional clothes to wear them regularly. On the other hand, there are cultures such as "the colorados" of Santo Domingo that have almost completely lost their traditional clothing, and the regional costume is seen only as a tourist attraction. Ecuador is made up of many ethnic groups with different cultures and traditions, so there is no costume that is national and exclusive in Ecuador.

For example, the traditional dress of the Otavalos region is probably the most famous and the most frequent in Ecuador. In several communities in the mountains they maintain many traditions with their typical clothes, such as distinctive hats, ponchos or embroidered blouses that are commonly used by many Ecuadorian people.

Women of the villages of the sierra

Women from different towns in the sierra wear pleated skirts in bright colors with embroidery at the hems. But communities, being so different, can have their own variations in clothing or hats. Women often wear a woolen shawl as a means of carrying purchases or babies on the woman's back.

Tribes of the tropical rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Various tribes from the tropical rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon still wear traditional feathered headdresses and other accessories with ethnic or tribal meanings. Although many young members of these tribes can combine or replace these clothing accessories with others of more western style.

The town of the Coast

The town of the Coast is between the mountains and the sea, it has lost many cultural and traditional customs. Their traditional clothing in most cases is not very different from the clothing of the people of the sierra. Although there are communities on the coast that do not have traditional clothing.

The Montubio people

Group of men in Ecuador

In the Montubio town (it covers the provinces of Manabí, Los Ríos, Guayas and Santa Elena) they stand out for their hats (cowboy style) and they usually carry machetesThey wear rubber boots but do not have a traditional costume associated with them.

But since there are so many different communities, there is no typical traditional clothing that encompasses all of Ecuador.

How to dress if you go to Ecuador

People of ecuador

The distinctive clothing of Ecuadorians is often an indicator of the region where they come from. For example, men wearing blue ponchos, calf-length pants, and hats will most likely be from the Quito area.. Another example is the women of the Andes who often wear white blouses, colored shawls and gold capes and red coral bracelets. Visitors traveling to Ecuador as tourists are not expected to wear these traditional outfits, but you can. If you decide to dress how they do it, you will be treated as an important person by giving value to this type of clothing.

How to dress formal in Ecuador

To dress formally in Ecuador and that you can go according to the clothes of the country you can follow the following tips:

If you are a man

Ecuador suits for men

  • Wear a dark suit and tie for business meetings.
  • Wear pants and ties if you are going to work in an Ecuadorian company.
  • Wear collared shirts and avoid hats in restaurants or family homes.

If you are a woman

  • Wear blouses, socks and high heels along with a skirt or pants and you must attend a business or work meeting.
  • Clothing has to be conservative so it cannot be too tight or low cut. Skirts may not be short or suggestive.
  • You can wear a light dress, skirt or pants to eat out or visit someone at home. Cocktail dresses also work for formal events, although low-cut dresses are frowned upon.

How to dress casual in Ecuador

Casual dress in Ecuador

To dress casual, both men and women should wear sneakers, sportswear, hiking boots ... this for the week is fine. They can also wear sweatshirts or sweatpants on the weekends.

Another idea is to wear comfortable jeans, shirts, or blouses to visit public places. Conservative swimsuits, shorts and flip flops should be worn at the beach and pool.

These are just a few examples of the typical costumes of Ecuador and the most modern typical clothes that it is good that you know in case you want to travel to Ecuador and dress according to the place. Although I advise you to inform yourself depending on the area where you want to go to be able to find out what type of typical clothing is what they normally wear and in this way not to clash in the event that you want to look for clothes according to their customs.

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