Typical costumes of Germany

Traditional costumes

We continue with another of typical costumes in the world. Those typical costumes that usually recall past times in which civilizations formed their own cultures and there was no culture as global as the current one. Due to this globalization, the details in the costumes from various parts of the world have been recovered, in this case from Germany.

Germany has a great culture And as in Italy we also find costumes that are inspired by past times, such as medieval times. In the case of Germany, the typical costumes are inspired by the aesthetics of the rural, where the most authentic clothes are given.

Typical costume for women

El typical costume for women in Germany is called Dirndl, a costume that emerged in the nineteenth century in rural areas. These clothes were more basic but from 1870 the bourgeoisie began to use them, so they became popular costumes and there were even haute couture costumes. The top features a bodice and a corset. Normally we see the blouse in white tones, although at that time the garments were also dyed with natural dyes, which gave rise to soft tones in summer and darker in winter, with basic tones. On the other hand, it has a long skirt of origin. Today we can see this skirt with different shorts, depending on how the person wants to wear it, from skirts below the knee to many shorter ones. Although if we want to make a suit that is typical, this skirt must be long to the ankles.

These women's suits they also wear an apron, which can be knotted in different places. Keep in mind that traditionally the knot has some meanings. If it is worn in the center it means that the woman is a virgin, if it is worn on the back she is a widow, on the right it is that she is in a relationship and on the left it means that she is single.

You can wear socks and shoes have a wide heel with buckles. Although there are many people who wear them black, the truth is that they usually wear the tone of the suit, to match. These dresses are usually made of linen or cotton the most authentic, although nowadays they are also made of polyester. It is common for women to carry a purse, as well as earrings or necklaces.

Typical men's costume

Traditional costumes

One of the typical costumes of the man is known as Lederhosen. This word means leather pants, which were used as early as the XNUMXth century to work and like other garments from the field were those that became traditional costumes over time. There are three possible lengths when buying the pants. Above the knee, at the knee and at the ankle. The trousers can have a simple pocket on the right side and have straps that are sometimes embroidered. They are worn with white or plaid shirts and in plain tones. In addition, this costume features thick knit knee-high socks called Strumpshosen. The Trantechut is the traditional hat that accompanies this costume, which is made with felt and has a ribbon and a large lock of hair as if it were a brush.

The Trachten

This is the name used to talk about the set of typical costumes, both for men and women. These typical clothes depart from the Bavarian region, which was precisely where the initiative to rescue this type of suits resurfaced.

Typical costume for children

The children also wear the versions of the typical costumes of the elderly. They are usually more colorful and offer many varieties to enjoy wearing them. As these clothes are worn again, there are many parties in which they are used to dress the whole family, from the smallest children to young people and adults.

Costumes at Oktoberfest

These typical costumes have become world famous again thanks to the Oktoberfest party. This party takes place in Munich and it is an event that brings together thousands of people in a large venue where craft beers are the protagonists. It is at this festival that the greatest proliferation of typical German costumes can be seen. It is common to see high quality suits, with natural fabrics and very successful finishes, but the cheapest versions are also sold today, with polyester and simple materials. Young people also often wear the shorter version of these suits, both women and men. As for the colors, they are typical by region, but when going to Oktoberfest it is possible to see all kinds of tones and mixtures.

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