Typical costumes of Italy

Typical italian costumes

Each filtering bag typical costumes of each country They are chosen based on the traditions, history and periods of splendor of each place. These costumes are part of the culture of each country and although they are not used today, they are still a symbol for all the inhabitants of the country. A symbol that they bring out on special occasions such as important holidays.

Italy is a beautiful country and it is really big, so there may be different interpretations of what the typical costumes of Italy. Traditions and costumes change from north to south so we will try to illustrate a little this set of costumes that seem to be typical of Italy.

Use of typical costumes

Italian suits

The typical costumes are inspired by ancient memories of times when countries lived a period of splendor. These suits can have all kinds of influences and in fact the Italian suits keep some similarities with the Germans. These are costumes that are usually inspired by the Middle Ages or in times when there were no global influences on fashion, so everything was much more authentic. As for the use of these costumes, they are usually brought out at festivals of regional or national interest. Moments in which each region has celebrations that commemorate its culture and customs, hence the costume is so important as one more part of the festival.

The typical costume of Italy

The costume that can be considered the most typical of Italy consists of a skirt with petticoat and apron. It is a fitted dress that has a vest and white shirt on top. In addition, the headdress or veil over the hair is very common in Italian celebrations, we must not forget the importance of Catholicism in this country. Today you can see many costumes similar to these, inspired by medieval times, although in terms of typical costumes there are regions that show very different and special clothing.

The Renaissance in Italy

One of the most revered times in Italy is the Renaissance, when there was a moment of splendor. In addition, the dresses and suits of this era have the quality of being very beautiful and elaborate. The suits that are inspired by this time are usually expensive, because we are talking about lace and brocades to make clothes with layers and many details. These costumes are often used in festivals dedicated to the Middle Ages and reliving bygone eras. They are also widely used for Carnival celebrations, especially in Venice.

Roman past

Everyone knows the Roman times and its beautiful suits made with white fabrics. They are costumes that today are already part of popular culture and that everyone has used like the typical Roman costumes, but we must not forget that they are also part of the culture and history of Italy. So they can be considered as other typical costumes inspired by the Roman Empire.

Sardinian costumes

Italy Costumes

On the island of Sardinia they have distinctive cultural details and in the costumes we can see one of them. These suits are made with long and wide fabrics in which there are several layers. Headdresses and veils are used on the head with thick fabrics and lace, in several layers as well. It is usual to see gold embroidered textiles and with shades like red or green. As for them, the white puff-sleeved shirt on which a vest is worn is typical.

Venice carnivals

Typical costumes of Italy

Especially important in terms of typical costumes are the Venice Carnivals, which are famous all over the world. In this case, they are inspired by elegant Renaissance costumes where they do not skimp when it comes to displaying luxurious fabrics and details. Brocades, silk and satin are part of these beautiful suits. The skirts have a lot of volume and petticoats. At the top the bodices adjust to show the waist. Suits can be decorated with all kinds of details, from lace to colored feathers. When it comes to Carnival, no rule of dress is strictly followed, only the Renaissance inspiration that pervades everything. At the top it is possible to see veils or wide-brimmed hats. But if there is something that should accompany these costumes, it is the Venetian carnival masks, which have already become famous throughout the world. These masks always match the suit in terms of color and are usually decorated with brilliants, colored paint and other details that add even more luxury to the whole suit. Along with these costumes you can also see some accessories, such as fans full of beads and feathers or gloves.

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