Underwater Caves in the World

Grotto Cosquer

Grotto Cosquer

This time we will meet the best underwater caves. Let's start the tour in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where we located The Widosmaker, a popular destination for scuba diving, is that it perches 80 meters under water. It is worth noting that in the cave we can see corals, sponges and multicolored fish.

It is time to travel to France, where we meet the Grotto Cosquer, considered one of the most interesting underwater caves in the world and it is that in it you can see prehistoric paintings dating from the Paleolithic era. The cave sits 37 meters below the Mediterranean Sea. If you dare to visit the cave, you should go specifically to the Calanque de la Triperie, east of Marseille.

La Treasure cave It is an underwater cave located in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, about 15 kilometers from the city of Malaga, in Spain. It is worth noting that the cave is dug into a limestone promontory, forming a cliff on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

La Esa'ala Cave It is an underground cave, almost virgin, located in Papua New Guinea, specifically in the Esa'ala district. You will be interested to know that she became famous for having appeared in the movie Sanctum.

La Ordynskaya Underwater Cave It is a cave located in Russia, near the Perm region, considered one of the largest caves in Russia and Europe.

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Photo: Ancient Egypt

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