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Christmas is a time to reconnect with family and enjoy their company for a few days. However, it can also be a ideal time to make a trip abroad with our relatives and friends if the rest of the year the circumstances do not allow it.

Making these vacation days an indelible memory will not only depend on the chosen company or destination but also on a series of factors such as knowing the local customs of the place we will visit, the peace of mind of knowing that you have contracted travel insurance, knowing how to contact the embassy of our country or verify if you need an entry visa in the chosen country.

Below we provide you with a small guide for you to enjoy your travels smoothly Christmas abroad, although it is true that these tips can be applied at any time of the year.

Before Travelling

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Check the travel recommendations: In addition to last minute notices and generic advice, in the Travel Recommendations of each country from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs You will find information on security conditions, documents necessary to travel, local legislation, sanitary conditions, necessary vaccinations, the main telephone numbers of interest and the regulations for foreign exchange.

Registration in the Travelers Registry: The Registry of Travelers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows all personal data of the tourist and his trip to be recorded so that, with the necessary confidentiality guarantees, it can be reached in the event of a serious emergency.

Photocopies of documentation: It is recommended make several photocopies of our original documentation (passport, insurance policy, traveller's checks, visas and credit cards) to avoid scares in case of theft or loss. It is also advisable to keep copies and originals separately.

Passport validity: Very important! The passport must be valid for more than six months. If the passport does not meet this requirement, some countries may deny entry to the traveler and certain airlines may deny access on board.

Take out medical and travel insurance: Since in many countries hospitalization costs are borne by the patient and can be very expensive, it is recommended to take out medical insurance that ensures full coverage in case of illness or accident during the trip. Travel insurance will help us in case of loss of flight, loss of luggage or theft.

Bring sufficient means of payment: It is recommended to carry enough money to pay and deal with possible contingencies, whether in cash, credit cards or travelers checks.

Where to take the money?: It is convenient to buy a belt with a built-in purse or a small fanny pack to wear under clothing and thus be able to keep part of the money and other valuable documents inside. In this way we can take them with us everywhere without anyone noticing.

During the trip

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Alerts to the police: If despite taking precautions the tourist is the victim of a robbery or robbery, you must alert the police, inform the bank, cancel credit cards, file a claim with the insurance company and speak with the embassy in case you need money or documents immediately.

Respect local laws and customs: Legal actions in our country of origin may not be legal in the country of destination. Thus It is advisable to inform yourself widely about the place to which we travel. It is also essential to take care of clothing as certain clothing can hurt sensitivities and lead to uncomfortable misunderstandings. Especially where religion marks the way of life of the inhabitants.

For the rest, when packing we must take into account the characteristics of the country to which we are going and the time of year in which it is located. Ideally, pack comfortable clothes and shoes that can be adapted to any type of climate.

Know the language: Although it is true that speaking English you can travel the whole world, it doesn't hurt to learn new languages. Having a minimum of knowledge of the local language is a way to fellowship and people will surely appreciate the effort.

Health to travel

drink bottled water

Caution with water: We must be careful with the food and water we drink during the trip, especially if we go to an exotic country. To avoid mishaps, it is best to drink it bottled.

Vaccines: In the event that our Christmas getaway is to take place in an exotic destination, it would be necessary to go to the doctor or the Ministry of Health to learn about recommended vaccinations and learn about drug regulations.

Basic medications: Despite taking precautions, it never hurts to carry a small medicine cabinet that contains a series of basic medications such as paracetamol or antidiarrheals.

Take out health insurance: As we have pointed out previously, in many countries hospitalization costs fall on the patient and as they can be very expensive, it is best to take out medical insurance that ensures full coverage in case of illness or accident during the trip. It is preferable not to skimp on this type of issue.

After the trip: Some tropical diseases do not appear immediately, and can appear long after the return. In the event that you need to see a doctor, you should inform him that you have made a trip in the last year to a tropical area or a developing country.

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