5 ideal destinations to go on vacation with your dog

Vacation with your dog

You may be looking for destinations to go on vacation with your dog. Even if you have someone to leave him with, you don't feel like separating from him and you want him to go with you. Don't worry. More and more cities and regions are adapted for dogs and also the hotels that accept them.

However, before traveling with your dog, you should solve some issues for your security, especially if you plan to go abroad. Furthermore, the states of the European Union They have legislation similar to that of Spain, but in other countries, this may change. In any case, then we are going to show you five ideal destinations to go on vacation with your dog. However, first we are going to give you some useful tips to avoid any upsets on the trip.

Basic guide for a vacation with your dog

Person with his dog

A person plays with his dog on the beach

As it could not be otherwise, the first thing you should keep in mind when traveling with your dog is your safety and health. That is why we advise you to take it to the veterinarian some time before departure. This will ensure that you are healthy, but also that you meet the vaccine requirements of the country you are going to.

It is also interesting that, just as you do for yourself, you hire a health insurance for the animal in case it gets sick. Also, during the journey you should have a bowl and enough water nearby. In this sense, you have to know that, In certain cases, it is not recommended that you travel. If it is a puppy less than three months old or an older dog, if it is sick or if it is a female and pregnant, it will be better for her to stay home.

On the other hand, make sure that your microchip identifier works correctly. As you know, they like to go on unexpected adventures from time to time. And, if you do it in an unknown city, you may get lost and they will have to look for you. Thanks to the device, they will know that it is your pet.

Finally, make sure the hotel or apartment you are staying in allows dogs. But, above all, make sure that it has some Good installations so that you are comfortable.

Magnificent destinations to go on vacation with your dog

Excursion with the dog

A couple hiking with their dog

The advice we have given you is essential so that you can enjoy a happy and trouble-free vacation with your dog. But, once seen, let's focus on the ideal destinations so you can visit them with your pet. Logically, you have many spread around the world that offer you all the advantages for dogs. However, we have chosen three from Spain and two from abroad where you will spend a magnificent stay with your dog.



View of Gijón, one of the best destinations to go on vacation with your dog

We begin our tour of northern Spain on the call Capital of the Costa Verde. Some time ago, he implemented the campaign #GijonYesMiCan, which has made it one of the best cities to travel with your pet. In fact, it has more than forty green areas where you can play and run free. It even has a dog beach, that of Rinconín. And, if all this were not enough, it has a bar or shop pet friendly or pet friendly per two thousand inhabitants.

On the other hand, if you choose this town as a destination to spend your holidays with your dog, you can enjoy other beaches such as the urban ones in San Lorenzo and Poniente as well as hiking trails. For example, the Coastal Path, the route of Ñora river or that of Mount Deva.

You will also see magnificent monuments. Among the religious, the churches of San Pedro, San José and San Lorenzoas well as a Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, nicknamed by the people of Gijón affectionately as the church because of its size. However, if we are talking about large dimensions, you have to visit the great symbol of Gijón's civil architecture. This is the old Labor University, with its large dome and 130-meter tower.

Likewise, you must know the Revillagigedo palace, dating from the 18th century; he Town hall, which responds to a neoclassical style, and buildings made at the beginning of the 20th century following the canons of modernism. For example, the Bank of Gijón, the School of Commerce, the Casa Rosada or the Gota de Leche.


The Albufera

The Albufera of Valencia

The city of Turia is another friendly destination for dogs. In fact, it was the first Spanish town to create plans for it. In 2019, he launched the campaign Traveling together is better and created the website Valencia Pet Friendly, where visitors can discover all the accommodation and leisure alternatives for canine pets. Likewise, it offers information about means of transport and about other towns in the Valencian Community that are also adapted for them.

For example, you have dog beaches like that of Alboraya or that of Pinedo (in summer). But, above all, Valencia offers you the wonderful La Albufera Natural Park, through many of whose corners you can walk with your dog.

As for the religious monuments that you should visit in the city, it is essential that you see the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady. Built in the 13th century following the canons of Valencian Gothic, it stands out for its famous tower, known as the Miguelete. You also have to visit the Church of San Nicolás, with its baroque frescoes; the Basilica of the Virgin, which is baroque; that of Saint Catherine the Martyr, with its spectacular equally baroque bell tower, or the monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, a jewel of the Valencian Renaissance.

Regarding the civil architecture of the city, the set of Gothic buildings stands out. Among them, look at the Lonja de la Seda, declared a World Heritage Site, and in the palaces of Benicarló and the Valencian Generalitat. On the other hand, other civil constructions in the city are baroque or neoclassical. For example, the palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas y the Royal Customs House. And you can also see spectacular examples of modernism in Valencia, starting with the Town hall, to which are joined the North Station or Columbus market.

But, perhaps, the great symbols of the city are the serranos towers, which formed one of the twelve gates that crossed the old medieval wall. They respond to the Gothic style and date from the 14th century.

Palma de Mallorca

Catedral de Mallorca

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

We jump over the Mediterranean Sea to reach Palma de Mallorca. You may not know it, but it is the Spanish city with the most dogs per inhabitant. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is adapted for them and that they are always welcome. In fact, both the town council and the regional authorities have made an effort to make the island an ideal destination for holidays with pets both nationally and internationally.

You can visit all its points with your pet and also enjoy beaches like those of Llenaire in Pollensa, Cala Blanca in Andrach, Na Patana in Santa Margarita or, already in Palma de Mallorca itself, It's Carnatge.

But, if you choose this destination for a vacation with your dog, you have to visit the spectacular Cathedral of Santa María, with its Levantine Gothic features. And also other religious monuments such as the church of Santa Eulalia and convent of San Francisco. Regarding civil heritage, two buildings stand out. Its about bellver castle, built in the 14th century and with a round floor plan, and Spanish village, where several emblematic monuments of our country are reproduced.

However, you should also see other examples of Palma's civil heritage. For example, the building of the Slice, which is equally Gothic, the Arab baths, castle of San Carlos or the impressive Almudaina Palace.

The Midi-Pyrénées and Toulouse area

Toulouse Capitol

Toulouse City Hall

We are now changing our proposal to offer you two ideas outside of Spain for a holiday with your dog. We start with the old French region of Midi-Pyrenees or Midi-Pyrénées, whose capital is Toulouse. And we propose this area to you, as you can imagine, due to the amount of mountain routes what it offers you and what you can do with your pet while enjoying spectacular landscapes.

All this without forgetting cities like the one mentioned Toulouse. In this, you have religious constructions as spectacular as the basilica of San Sernín, which is one of the largest Romanesque churches in Europe, and the Saint-Étiene cathedral, whose origin dates back to the 11th century.

But, perhaps, even more exuberant is its civil heritage. You can see more than thirty gothic style towers as of Boysson or Bernuy, as well as many Renaissance buildings. For example, those of Assézat, Bermuy or Vieux-Raisin (without forgetting the magnificent Puente Nuevo). It also has neoclassical examples such as the Town Hall or Capitol.

Likewise, you can visit other locations such as Tarbes, with its cathedral of Our Lady and its Massey mansion, surrounded by spectacular gardens. EITHER Lourdes, with its imposing castle and sanctuary, or, in short, Montauban, with its beautiful Town Hall and its medieval bridge.

Helsinki, an exotic destination for holidays with your dog


Helsinki is one of the ideal Nordic capitals for a holiday with your dog

Just as the title says, perhaps the capital of Finland seems like an exotic destination for a vacation with your dog. But it is the city of the Nordic countries What best conditions does it offer to the dogs?. They can travel on public transportation and have an endless number of hotels, bars and restaurants that allow your entry and stay.

In addition, it offers numerous fenced parks exclusively for them, as well as a beach, the one located in the Tervasaari island. Likewise, you can take a day trip with your pet to the fortress of Suomenlinna. It is an imposing defensive complex built on six islands that dates back to the 18th century.

You can also visit in Helsinki the Uspenski Cathedral, stone church, the building of the National Opera or monument to Sybelius, with its gigantic pipes reminiscent of an organ.

In conclusion, we have shown you five ideal destinations for some vacation with your dog, but we could mention others. For example, La Coruna, which also has its program pet friendly; Madrid, the Spanish city with the most pet-friendly hotels, or the Black Forest German. Go ahead and choose one of these destinations and enjoy your vacation.

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