Vaccinations to travel to Thailand

The world is a huge and varied place and if we are cautious travelers it is always advisable to do a little research on our destination: gastronomy, security, transport, social customs and of course, vaccines.

Life has become a little easier since we got vaccinated, but not all countries follow the same vaccination plan and different regions of the world have different endemic diseases that a traveler must consider. Southeast Asia is a classic destination when thinking about vaccines so, What vaccinations are needed to travel to Thailand?


The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is one of the countries that make up the Southeast Asian peninsula. It has 76 provinces and it is inhabited by around 70 million people. Its capital is Bangkok and around it there are other popular destinations such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam or Malaysia.

It is a little larger than Spain and its geography has mountains and clear areas, its main artery is the famous Mekong River and the Gulf of Thailand, with its 320 thousand square kilometers, is one of the tourist icons of the region. Its climate is subtropical so heat and humidity are the best breeding ground for many Tropical diseases. There are monsoons, floods, a lot of rain and a lot of heat.

Vaccinations needed to travel to Thailand

In principle everything depends on your country of origin because that's where the vaccination schedule of your country comes into play. Once you know what vaccines you have because your parents have given them to you since you were a child, strictly complying with the age calendar, you should know which ones you need.

To travel to Thailand You must be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever, Triple virus (rubella, mumps and measles) and that of Tetanus-diphtheria. Some of these, if not all, are usually included in the vaccination plans but they do not have to be completed. In that case, it is convenient to start a few months before because, for example, tetanus requires two doses. The vaccine against Hepatis B is also recommended to go to Thailand if you are single and plan to have sex because it is infected by fluids.

If you like animals maybe the rabies vaccine you should consider it and the same malaria. It is not that there is a vaccine against this last disease but a medicine that you must take before the trip, during and after. The truth is that it is not very pleasant and it falls quite badly sometimes. I know people who have given up on treatment due to side effects, but for me you have to consider the cost-benefit ratio. Malaria sucks.

In hot areas the mosquito is king and malaria is not the only dangerous disease. For some time now the dengue and Zika virus they are also on the podium and Thailand is no exception. Especially if you are going to move through the north and center of the country and in rainy seasons. A good repellent, strong and constant, will help you a lot. Not a common repellent but a really special one for tropical areas.

Keep in mind, please, that not everything comes down to being bitten by a mosquito or bitten by an animal or having unprotected sex. There are bacteria that can be present in food and drink and Thailand is not a very meticulous country in cleanliness. The gastronomy is based on fresh food and not completely cooked, so we must not lose sight of the ways of cooking and washing the ingredients. Obviously, the further away you are from street stalls, the better.

If you live in Spain you can check with the Ministry of Health and if not, it is advisable that you visit a hospital specializing in infectious contagious diseases that they can inform you there. For citizens of many South American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay or Colombia), Thailand requires a certificate of vaccination against  yellow fever updated, unless you are living outside your home country for more than six months.

Can you get vaccinated upon entering the country? it's possible that you end up in Thailand for those tours of the destination even when it was not in your original plan ... Yes, there are health offices at the border or in some airports and you pay for it and they give it to you right there. Another tip, for me basic, is that you should have health insurance. Some people go around the world without one, but in truth medicine is expensive in many places, and this is the case in Thailand.

Up-to-date vaccinations, health insurance and some of these Precautions They will ensure you enjoy a vacation in Thailand without suffering medical mishaps: drink only bottled water, even to brush your teeth, do not eat in street stalls, try to wash fruits and vegetables well if you buy and eat them on your own and! be very careful if you approach the monkeys!

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