Visit Ellis Island and its famous statue

ellis island

New York It is one of the best cities in the United States. It is the most cosmopolitan city and I would say that for many it is the only thing to visit in that northern country, although I believe that the United States has many interesting places. If you go with good weather, I mean if you avoid the harsh winter, one of the must-sees is the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

La Ellis Island It is one of the symbols of New York and you have surely seen it countless times in immigrant films, since from the ships that supplied Europe the island was the first sight of the New World. Thus, today on the island there is a very interesting museum with photos and videos from more than a hundred years ago.

Here is practical information for visiting Ellis Island, so write down this data:

  • How to get to the island: is not difficult. You can get on a cruise from Liberty State Park in New Jersey or Battery Park in New York. Anyone leaves you on the island. Ferries operate between 9am and 5pm every day, although in summer the hours are extended. They leave every half hour.
  • What to visit on the island: the tourist visits are concentrated in the Museum of Immigration with all the memorabilia on the subject. There is the American Immigrant Wall of Honor, a wall with more than 700 names of people who left their native homes for a new way in America, and the American Immigration History Center, a place where Americans can continue to trace their roots. .
  • When to go to the island: The truth is that in winter it is not advisable to go because the temperatures are below zero and the wind shakes the boat a lot, so I recommend that you go in the warmer months, between April and October.

Finally, the climb to the Statue of Liberty It is the cherry of the dessert but for that you should book a ticket in advance but you must be able to climb more than 300 steps, yes.

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