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Thailand Beaches

El trip to thailand is a dream for many people, because it is an exotic, different and really special place. Although it has become really touristy and we must plan things well to avoid bad experiences, the truth is that it is also a country where prices are quite affordable, so you can see different corners in the same trip.

Enjoy the best beaches in Thailand it is always possible, or at least the vast majority of them. Beaches that are already famous, postcard places with crystal clear waters in natural spaces. As we say, mass tourism may have taken away some of its charm, but Thailand is still a really beautiful place.

Tips for traveling to the beaches

Many of the beaches we want to visit will be found on islands that can only be reached by boat. There are several possibilities when it comes to moving by boat. The cheapest are the spacious tourist boats which have the disadvantage of being totally packed. If the crowds overwhelm you, you can think about spending a little more since there are beaches that are simply filled with the large crowd that arrives in these boats. Speed ​​boats are smaller and very fast boats, where fewer people go but they also set the pace for us according to the hours and visits we have to do. Finally, you can rent a typical boat for those of us who go in the group, as if we are only two people. It is the most expensive option but it is the most comfortable, since you can stop for as long as you want and offer refreshments.

To visit these beaches you have to go with some basic things, taking into account that the day is usually spent outside. Food is easily found at stalls or is offered on boats. Never forget the solar factor, comfortable flip-flops with velcro straps to avoid accidents when moving on the beaches. Normally the time for the beaches is from September to May because that is when there are usually no monsoons, although the weather is always somewhat unpredictable. On the islands, sometimes you will have to move in small buses when you arrive to go to the beaches, with a price that is usually low.

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Lonely beach

This beach is known by locals as Hat Ta Nam but later named Lonely Beach by an operator in the area and is thus known to tourists. This may not be one of the most spectacular beaches, but it is not one of the most overwhelming and crowded either. It does not have as much infrastructure as others and is known for being a beach visited by backpackers, so its atmosphere is calm and carefree. There are few nearby resorts so it is an ideal beach if we want tranquility and a feeling of being in contact with nature, something that has been lost on many beaches in Thailand.

Ao Pra in Koh Mak

Ao Pra Beach

We are facing another virgin looking beach, away from resorts, shops and other venues. It can be reached by boat or by walking from other neighboring beaches, such as Ao Kao or Suan Yai.

Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi

Maya beach

Surely you have ever heard the controversy that was generated with the film 'The Beach' by Leonardo di Caprio, in which it was said that they had completely spoiled a virgin paradise. Well, they were referring precisely to Maya Beach, a beach on Koh Phi Phi. It is on one of the islands of the archipelago of the Phi Phi Islands. It is undoubtedly a paradisiacal corner with the typical natural settings that we hope to see in Thailand. It must be said that before 2004 it was a place where hardly anyone went, outside of the tourist itineraries, but the reality today is that depending on the time we will not be able to appreciate its beauty due to the large number of boats and tourists that arrive. to the beach.

Ao Pai on Koh Samet

Ao Pai Beach

The island of Koh Samet It is located near Bangkok, so it is usually a busy place, but it is an island with more than twenty beaches, so there are places to choose from. It is difficult to choose just one beach, although Ao Pai's is a favorite of those traveling from Bangkok.

Tham Phra Nang in Railay, Krabi

Tham phra nang

A quarter of an hour by boat from Ao Nang, the beach of Phra Nang is close to Krabi and it is one of the most beautiful in the area, highly recommended by all who come. It is a cozy beach where you can also do various activities, such as visiting the surroundings by boat, kayaking or climbing the steep walls. In the area there are also good hotels at very affordable prices to stay overnight.

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