Visit the Federal Reserve Bank

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

If you want to receive a real economy class in just an hour, what better way than to go to one of the places where more money is handled in the world: the Federal Reserve Bank. The one in New York is the largest of the 12 banks that make up this banking system in the United States.

In operation since November 1914, the bank's headquarters is at 33 Liberty Street since 1928. Without a doubt, its most prominent place is the vault that it has built 26 meters below sea level, in the living rock that makes up the island of Manhattan. In that vault is kept the largest amount of gold in the world, although this data is not official but more than possible. And it is that, it seems practically in the world that another place shelters over 5.000 metric tons of gold, about $ 160 trillion, which is more or less what is hidden here.

Any of us has the opportunity to know and visit this place. We can perform a lap in which, in English, they will explain to us how this complex financial system works and in which we will discover the History of Money. A little book that explains more or less the same thing that the guide tells us and a rather interesting audiovisual complete the visit to this place.

Of course, They will also walk us through one of those chambers full of gold bars, very well protected of course, and they will show us one of those safe doors of several meters in diameter, which we only imagined in the movies. And all this can be done very easily. We just have to book our tour online, In the Official website of the Federal Reserve Bank.

They will send us an email with an invitation that we must print and carry with us on the day that the visit has been assigned to us, which are always working days, by the way. And nothing else, because the visit is totally free And, as we pointed out above, it will only take us about an hour.

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