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If there is a beautiful lake landscape in Italy, that is the Lake Como. Here a little of everything is combined: a beautiful nature, elegance, nobility and international jet-set. Sure, George Clooney has a house here but also many noble families from Italy or Switzerland.

You really have to know the Lago di Como, so if you plan a future trip to Italy you can take a tour of the lake and the entire beautiful province of Como and its neighbor, Lecco. Let's see what activities, places and corners we should visit.

Lake Como

The lake is in the province of Como, in the region of Candela, Italy, at almost 200 meters of altitude. Has a surface of 146 square kilometers and just over 400 meters deep. Thus, it is a really deep lake and it is the third largest lake in the country.

The lake It has three arms: Como, Lecco and Colico. In turn, the Como arm has three other parts and the first corresponds to the city of Como. In one of these arms rests the picturesque Comacina Island, the only one that has the lake and that keeps Roman ruins. There are many villages on the shore of the lake and some elegant and millionaire houses belong to artists of the world like the one I named, Clooney, or even Madonna.

These names are contemporary, but the beauty of the lake is historical so historical figures have also fallen in love with the landscape: Bonaparte, Verdi, Winston Churchill, Da Vinci... And of course, countless movies and TV series have been filmed.

Tourism in Lago di Como

We can start with the like arm, for its cities. As a It is a divine destiny, with the Cathedral Square, imposing building, the Municipal Tower or the Broletto. The cathedral is in the Gothic style and has works of art everywhere. It dates from the end of the XNUMXth century although it was only completed in the middle of the XNUMXth century.

From Como one can take a cruise to go to know the coastal villages, for example, the famous Bellagio with its gardens and its villas, so famous all over the world: Villa Este or Villa Olmo, today five-star hotels. If you go in spring or summer you may prefer to walk so you can do it through the beautiful parks of Como. The largest is the Parco Spina or the Parco Sovraccomunales Brughiera Briantea of ​​23 thousand hectares.

If on the contrary you like art and culture then there are some museums interesting Como has four municipal museums and other private museums with various collections. Among the first is the Archaeological Museum, Garibaldi Museum of history, the Pinacoteca Civica and Tempio Voltiano Museum which is dedicated to the well-known writer Alessandro Volta. Also, interesting, is the Como Silk Museum.

Throughout the year there are various events and especially beautiful are the markets where there are antiques, furniture and clothes of all times. There's also ancient roman bathsIn fact, the Roman legacy is present in the city itself and in its surroundings. The mild and pleasant climate once conquered Pliny the Younger, for example, so wealthy Romans also built their recreational houses here.

They were followed in the following centuries by the aristocratic families of Como and Milan, so today there are Villas Vigoni, Villa Salazar, La Gaeta, La Quiete, Palazzo Manzi, Villa D'Este ... All historic mansions who keep their own works of art. The amount of sites that you can see in Como is incredible so my advice is to do a good research online so you don't miss something you like and end up seeing something that is not of your interest.

El lecco arm He has his own too, with the peaks of Resegone and Grigna in sight. Is alpine city It has a great cultural identity and was one of the first industrial centers in Italy dedicated to iron and steel, an activity that has been going on since the distant XNUMXth century. It has a beautiful boardwalk and very romantic and is close to coastal villages very beautiful like Varenna, Mandello or the ski slopes of Valsassina.

Varenna she is a beautiful and small fishing village which is in the middle of the lake and which is famous for its old black and white marble mines and for its proximity to the beautiful territory of Brianza. It is a site of narrow streets that go down to the lake and a beautiful boardwalk, many call it simply "street of love." There are also four old churches, of different styles, and some elegant villas that have now become select hotels.

From Varenna, in turn, you can make a getaway to Fiumelatte, named for a kind of white foam that emerges from a spring in a cave and that at a certain time of the year wanders towards the lake. Also nearby is the Castle of Vezio, in Esino Lario, with its medieval tower, home of the Lombard queen Teodolinda. Today it is open to the public and from up there the views of the lake are something to see.

The village of Mandello, for its part, it is located in the mountains and many of those who visit Lecco add it to the journey. It deserves a visit for the alpine beauty of its landscapes, for its beaches and water activities in season, for its bars and restaurants and for its musical events and motocross.

Other possible destinations, with time and organization, are the San Martino Valley and the Valee d'Intelvi. The first is found when the Lago di Como drains into the river Adda. It is a valley that is between the Milan area and the Republic of Veneto, beautiful, ancient lands, full of history and culture. It has its own lake, Lake Garlate, mountainous rocks, green cliffs, Rossino Castle, an old XNUMXth century monastery with XNUMXth century frescoes and much more.

Finally, once you organize well which cities or villages you are going to visit, you should know that also there are many boat tours starting in Como and they play places like Blevio, Tomo, Moltrasio and Cernobbio, which are also natural routes beautiful to make a sunny day, the Caminos de Vía Regina, for example, very cultural, and that the funicular in Brunate, from the XNUMXth century, offers you the best views of the lake and its surroundings. Not surprisingly, it takes you to what is known as "the balcony of the Alps."

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