Visiting fantastic caves around the world

There are those who prefer to immerse themselves in the ins and outs of the earth, never better said, than visiting monuments and museums. This article is for them. In it, we visit these fantastic caves around the world to go to at least once in life. If you like these types of items, we may bring the second installment. It depends on you.

Grotto of Lapa Doce, in Brazil

Gruta Lapa Doce is the third largest cave in Brazil, and is 17 kilometers long, although not a whole kilometer can be visited from all of them. Only the first 850 meters are passable.

It is common in the area that limestone formations abound, especially if we are located in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina where there are a large number of karst cavities. 

If we immerse ourselves in them, we can find cavities up to 15 meters high with stalactites, columns and spectacular curtains. A pleasure to behold.

Blue Grotto in Croatia

This cave located in the Bisevo island, nestled in the Adriatic, It is one of the most special I have seen, because its entry into it is in a different and spectacular way. To access it through a small opening you must enter from the sea with a small boat.

But why has he been called Gruta Azul? Because its waters acquire a beautiful and very unusual bluish hue when the sun's rays penetrate it and are reflected ... If you want to see a beautiful grotto, you definitely have to visit this one.

Scarisoara Glacier Cave, Romania

This cave is located in central Transylvania, yes the famous city of Count Dracula, and it is also a super special cave. Its location in the Apuseni Mountains means that its various cavities and galleries contain a mass of 75.000 cubic meters of fossilized ice, hence its name glacier-cave. 

In addition to knowing this data on ice in cubic meters, we know that it has a surface area of ​​730 meters long by 105 meters deep.

If you do not mind the cold and you would like to see a small frozen cave this may enchant you.

Gouffre de Padirac, in France

These caves located in France are one of the most visited sites in the country. The Gouffre de Padirac caves are located in a unique place that is also home to the Rocamadour monastery and Lascaux prehistoric caves.

To be able to see them you have to first go down an underground elevator inside the chasm and then take a boat to cross the river and reach the known as Rain Lake. These underground caves were discovered in 1889 by Édouard Alfred Martel, who would baptize them as "the great wonder".

The Cathedrals of Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai is a small but beautiful island in Hawaii, where you can find this wonderful diving place, Las Catedrales, located in the south of the island specifically. It is known as Cathedrals for the two 30 meter cameras which are home to hundreds of marine animals, including octopuses, turtles and butterfly fish, a beautiful place in the Pacific Ocean to get lost in. The best time to dive is when the sun's rays penetrate its waters and the bottom can be seen much better and sharper. The level of diving is simple so it can be practiced by both beginner divers and experienced divers.

Hang Sung Sot, in Vietnam

These caves in Vietnam were discovered in 1901. It is elevated above the sea and is composed of two large rooms with an impressive profusion of formations that invite you to discover their similarities and similarities. In its entirety it is made up of a cave called Surprises and other cavities such as the Dau Go Grotto (Grotto of the Wooden Stakes) and the Thien Cung Grotto (Celestial Place).

It can be visited thanks to a cruise that takes place in Halong Bay.


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