What to do while waiting for the plane

How many times have we seen ourselves in that tedious situation in which we have to meet 3 hours before at an airport to catch a plane? Numerous, right? Well, from my own experience and my friends, from their particular experience, have a series of habits so that the wait does not become so boring and the time passes the sooner the better.

They say that time is the true treasure that a person possesses. Let's not waste it then. These are the things to do while you wait for the plane that we recommend from Travel News.

Do not waste your time!

  • Feed yourself: At the airport itself you will find the odd restaurant or cafeteria where you can satisfy your hunger and eat properly while you wait to board at your time. Depending on how long your trip is, eat smart. If you take a short trip, perhaps with a sandwich or 'snack' you will be served. If the trip is long, it is usual for meals to be served on the plane itself. So, how about a sandwich and a soda?


  • Take a walk through the different shops that you will find at the airport: How about visiting the books and magazines area? I am where I spend the best time… I can spend hours looking at covers and reading back covers. How about grabbing one of those books to read for the rest of time? Surely you have one pending on the list and want to read it for months now ...
  • Do you have the laptop handy? Well! Take the opportunity to work, or get in the Wi-Fi zone, and look for information about the city you are going to. Save everything you want to visit: buildings, restaurants, parks, museums, monuments. How about you look at the cultural agenda of the area? Perhaps I know of a concert that you want to see during your stay or perhaps there is a photography exhibition that you like. This is a task that you should have done at home previously to organize your trip, but it never hurts to take a last look in case something has missed us. Don't you think?
  • Notebook in hand. This may not be for everyone, but writers and artists are sure to love it. Airports, as well as train or bus stations, have that aura of mystery as perhaps all the places where thousands of people pass through… If you are a writer, painter, you have a blog, a YouTube channel perhaps, the inspiration at that moment: write down ideas, phrases, paint that woman or that man in front of you, etc ... Don't miss the muses that don't always come our way.
  • Music should always accompany you. Music is something that should not be missed for a single day of our lives. It makes us happy, it distracts us, it relaxes us… What if in this waiting moment you put on your mp3 and simply listen to each and every one of the songs that you have saved in it? You do not have? No problem! Tune in to a radio station from your mobile phone, and voila ... But don't run out of music ...

  • If you are waiting to make a stopover on another plane and you have more than two hours ahead, How about taking a walk around the city where you are? Don't be afraid to leave the airport if you have several hours ahead of you. Strolling through the city where you are, especially if you have never been to it, can be a beautiful experience more than taking you as a souvenir of that trip. Look at the stores that you find, order some food from a street stall, observe the inhabitants of that place, soak up it ... You will have things to tell when you return from your trip, for sure! Of course, make sure you don't miss your flight ...

And of course, boarding time always comes, we hope that with these tips to do while you wait for the plane, the wait will be shorter and more enjoyable. If you came across this article by chance while you are waiting to board, have a very good flight and a very good experience in the place you are going. We hope we have made you have a good time reading us.

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