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Taramundi is a place that has a name that almost sounds like a fantasy, and it is that when we arrive at this place it seems that we are in a different world. Is small village nestled between mountains and green meadows is one of those visits that are worthwhile and that we also know that it will not be one of those places where tourism clouds everything.

La Taramundi's population is essentially rural and in it you can enjoy a great history and especially its traditions. It is a place located very close to the border with Galicia, in the Principality of Asturias, in a very quiet natural area that can be a perfect visit to rest a few days.

How to get to Taramundi

There are no major roads or highways to reach this small town. Starting from a central point, we would locate ourselves in the city of Lugo in Galicia, which is quite close. From this city you have to follow the road N-640 to the town of A Pontenova, where we turn off towards LU-704 to get to Taramundi. The same N-640 comes from Ribadeo, located further north on the border with Asturias, so it can be reached from these two points.

Cradle of rural tourism


If there is something charming about Taramundi, it is its rural touch that it has not lost with the years or with the growth of tourism. It is still not a place of mass tourism, which is to be appreciated. This town was in fact one of the first places that were oriented towards the innovative rural tourism years ago, arranging his rectory as a hotel for tourists who came in search of nature, relaxation and tradition. And of course they were right when it came to offering a new and very special alto. In the area today tourists have hiking trails, mountain biking, exhibitions and many traditions.

Hiking trails


One of the things that Taramundi is visited the most is for its great hiking trails located in the middle of nature. In this area they know well the importance of what they have and it has well-cared and well-marked routes so that tourists can enjoy them safely. There are exactly six routes that can be done during the stay in the town. The route of the Water, the Ferreiros, the Mills, Ouroso, Os Teixos and Erioá. They are routes that can be done well in a morning or in noon if they are taken calmly. In them you can get to know the natural area and the nearby town halls, as well as the customs and every little detail of interest in Taramundi, so it is worth doing them.

Visit Os Castros

Os Castros

In this town you can see one of the most important forts of Asutrias. We are talking about those constructions that formed authentic villages hundreds of years ago, which can also be found in Galicia. These forts were round stone constructions that have been preserved throughout the centuries. In Taramundi you can walk along a walkway to see the Os Castros site, which is the name they have given it. A town from the Bronze Age that indicates the strategic importance of this area as a place of passage and commerce.

Taramundi cutlery

Cutlery Museum

One of the most deeply rooted traditions in this town is cutlery, made with artisan techniques that have not been forgotten over time. It is so important to preserve their traditions that they have created the Museum of Cutlery, which is a must. In the cutlery shop there are all kinds of pocket knives and knives, many of them can be personalized, so it is worth taking a souvenir from Taramundi.

The mills of Mazonovo

Mills in Taramundi

In this population is the largest Museum of the Mills in Spain, in addition to being able to see old mills that have been preserved and are still in operation. In this museum we can learn the important role of mills in the survival of populations and how they take advantage of the power of water to generate energy.

Ethnographic Museum of Skiing

Ethnographic Museum

In this nearby town, you can go back in time to learn even more about the traditions and history of this area. On Skiing there is an interesting ethnographic museum where many ancient objects are collected to illustrate life centuries ago. If we are interested in seeing something of the past of these villages, we must go there.

The Taramundi cheeses

Cheese from Taramundi

Although in Taramundi knives and folding knives are very famous, there are also other handcrafted products that must be taken into account if we want to take back the best memories. The taramundi cheese It is also very important and is made in an artisanal process. There are cheeses made with cow's or goat's milk, some with nuts. Don't feel like visiting Taramundi?

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